Energy conservation is very important today as the population increases and there are more demands on diminishing resources so there are 7 signs you can save energy when you see them and react by saving energy and money too. These 7 signs are as follows:

Make Every Day Earth Day

Just because there is one day of the year entitled earth day doesn’t mean that you can save energy resources and energy conservation only one day a year but you need to practice it every day of the year. This means not only recycling which is a great way to save energy which converts into great energy saving because when you recycle you are taking used items and making them into other items that can be used again which is the ultimate energy saving scheme. Then to carry this even further you can look for items that have been made from those recycled goods and purchase them and save more energy and money when you are saving energy this way.

Tires Underinflated - Sure Sign You Are Not Saving

When you drive around with underinflated tires on your vehicle you are actually using up more of the energy resources then you need to. It is very simple to engage in saving and save on gas expenses by stopping by your local gas station and putting the correct amount of air in those vehicle tires.

Vehicle Idling

Another simple way to save energy along with this is not let your vehicle idle for long periods of time. This does not save energy and wastes fuel which also costs you money.

A Rough Running Vehicle

If you are experiencing a rough running vehicle you are most certainly not saving energy and that is a sure sign you are not engaging in energy saving because a rough or unturned vehicle wastes and does not help with energy conservation efforts. So spend the money and makes those repairs to save energy and keep your vehicle in fine tune and running well.

Excess Weight in a Vehicle

Along with this on a smaller vehicle any excess weight is a sign that you are using up gasoline whereas reducing excess weight will improve fuel efficiency and save energy. Saving energy in this case is very easy and a reduction of 100 pounds will save energy and increase fuel economy by one to two percent.

Aggressive Driving Tactics

If you drive aggressively it is another sign that you are not saving energy. When you jam on the gas or accelerate from a stop you are wasting energy resources and you will get no energy saving by driving in this manner besides you may also incur a costly ticket which you don’t need.

Alternate Transportation

Another saving sign is not to drive everywhere. Try an alternate form of transportation such as a bus or other form of public transportation. Using a bike is also an alternate form of energy saving.