Forget the tag line or the motivational quote, let’s just get right down to the simple steps you can do if you would like to lose weight and live healthy.  If you are over weight and would like lose some of those extra pounds then follow these rules and I promise you will shed that unwanted weight.  This is not a diet, this is principles that you can implement into your life and you will lose weight. 

Eat Something in the Morning:

Breakfast, a cereal bar or low-fat wrap from Starbucks, it does not matter as long as you eat something within an hour of when you get up.  Everyone wants to use the excuses, “I’m not hungry in the morning” or “I do not have time.”  These are just excuses and if you want to take loosing weight serious then you need to figure out how to convince yourself to eat something in the morning. 

Why it works:  When you eat a breakfast food It keeps you from over eating later in the day.  When you eat something in the morning you are less likely to eat bad foods or to over eat at lunch.  In order to loose weight you need to take control over your eating and the best way to start is keep yourself from getting to hungry. 

Eat a Small Snack between Meals:

Eat 2 small snacks a day, once between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner.  A Banana, a low-fat cheese stick, a granola bar, beef-jerky or any snack you can find that is in the range of 150 – 250 calories will work. 

Why it works: This does 2 very important things in helping you cut down your weight.  The first is that it helps keep your metabolism going between meals and therefore burning calories all day.  The second is it keeps you from getting to hungry between meals and in turn helps control your desire or urge to overeat.  The less hungry you are when you sit down to lunch and dinner the less you will eat at those meals. 

Count Your Calories:

Find out the calories in everything you eat and keep track.  Sometimes this takes some work but it is important that you put in the effort to find out.  Once you find out you need to be honest with yourself about the amount of calories you are eating.  If you are eating something that does not have nutrition facts on it then you can look it up on the internet very easily.  Just Google” your food item + calories” and you will find your calorie count.  Also, if you are eating something with several different ingredients then you need to take a couple minutes to add it all up.

Why it works:  You will become more aware of what you are putting into your body and the actually nutrition facts of the foods you eat.  You will start to find that some items you thought were healthy are really high in calories and you can start to cut out these foods. 

Measure Your Amounts:

Measure the proportions of everything you eat.  This goes hand in hand with the counting of the calories.  Yes this takes a few extra seconds at each meal but if you do it and take it seriously then it will greatly improve your chances of losing those unwanted pounds.

Why it works:  Most of us eat large proportions.  What most of us call a normal portion is often more then suggested serving size. 

Eat Dinner at least 3 Hours before Bed:

Leave enough time after dinner for your body to digest the food.  For example, if you go to bed at 10 usually, make sure you eat your dinner by 7.  Pay attention to the time and do everything you can to eat dinner 3 hours before you lay down to bed. 

Why it works:  Your metabolism slows down when you are sleeping.  In order to properly digest the food you ate for dinner your body needs a few hours awake. 

Cheat on the Healthy Meals:

Yes I am serious here.  Allow yourself to cheat on these principles 3 times a week.  For every week allow yourself to eat one “bad” breakfast, lunch and dinner for a total of 3 bad meals a week.  This is helpful when you know you are going to dinner party and you are going to be tempted by un-healthy foods or when you are really craving that burger or pizza.  But you must stick to the plan otherwise on all your other meals for the week in order for this to work. 

Why it works:  If you know you will get a few meals a week that you love then you will be able to keep motivated through the healthy meals.  When you have a meal that you are looking forward to later in the week it’ll help motivate you pass-on the drive through hamburgers.  It is when we do not see any chance of getting to eat the junk foods that most of us give in to our temptation.  If you are being ridged and not allowing yourself any of the great tasting foods that we all love then eventually most of use will cave.  And if we cave we will feel bad about our selves and probably loose all motivation because we feel like we failed. Once the motivation is gone then we will completely drop the habit of eating right for good and end up back at the weight we do not want to be at. 

Get Back on the Horse:

If you fall off your horse, just get back up and try again.  If you mess up and eat a series of bad meals all you need to do is just admit it to yourself and set your eyes on starting again. This happens to everyone, we get sidetracked or go on vacation or just lose motivation.  When this happens just set a day that you will resume these principles in your life.  For example, if it is Saturday and you have been eating bad since Thursday then recognize what is going on and tell yourself on Monday I will resume eating right.  This may be the most important lesson in losing weight for good, just keep trying and working at it.  The best advice I can give you here to help you succeed at this is to always try to break your previous record.  For example, if you 4 weeks straight and then you fall off then your goal should be to go at least 5 weeks straight implementing these principles.  You don’t even have to start immediately just admit it and tell yourself you will start tomorrow or after the weekend.  The trick is recognizing your situation and committing to fixing it soon.   

Why it works:  If you keep trying and taking steps towards your goal weight eventually you will get there.   If you accidently veer of track then just find your way back and keep moving forward.  Eventually these principles will become your habits and will be second nature. 

If you follow these principles and integrate them into your daily life you will surely lose the unwanted pounds.   With a little bit of discipline you will be able to get the body and weight you desire.