This article is about the 7 steps that you can take to ensure that your love handles shrink and eventuaflatabslly disappear. All you have to do is to implement them and continue with these steps until you are love handle free (and also there after to keep your lovehandles off) .

Here's those steps, be sure to implement them today and your love handles will go away:

  • Find your motivation - Motivation will be the fuel for your journey to be love handles free. You can motivate yourself by writing down your top 10 reasons for wanting to do so and by reading it often.

  • Set goals - Goal setting is extremely important - it will help you to actually achieve your dream. So set some goals and make them smart - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bounded.

  • Find a fat loss meal plan - You will need an effective fat burning diet to help you lose fat. You can make your own by sticking to lean protein, whole-grain carbs and lots of fruit and veggies.

  • Find a fat burning exercise plan - Your exercise plan should also enable you to burn away fat. You can make your own fat loss exercise plan, by doing cardio interval training for 20 minutes, 3 days a week and also weight trianing 3 times a week.

  • Follow your eating plan to the letter - Eat exactly what you're eating plan says and nothing more and nothing less. A food dairy can help you to stick to your eating plan and it can also help you to see where your eating is off.

  • Exercise regularly, following your exercise plan - Do the exercises in your workout plan regularly and follow them also to the letter. I have a calendar on which I write in pen the workouts that I want to do for the month and then I high-light the workouts that I've actually done. It works great to make sure that I exercise.

  • Stay motivated, dedicated and never gives up - Keep your motivation levels high and never give up. An excellent way of keeping yourself motivated is by rewarding yourself as you achieve your goals. Just make sure that you don't reward yourself with food.

Just follow these steps and you will be love handles free soon. Just don't expect it too soon - it will still take some time.