If your mobile broadband connection is nowhere near the advertised speed there are some simple measures that you can take to get the most of your mobile connection. These are our top seven tips

Optimize your Web browser

The few seconds that it takes to optimize your web browser could be all that’s needed to improve your online experience. Start by clearing out your cache to speed up your browsing and get the latest versions of web pages.

Enable a pop-up blocker to block unwanted windows, and update your browser to the latest version to get the best experience while browsing.

Boost Your Signal Strength

Your payg dongle should be elevated or situated close to the window for optimum results. Alternatively, a separate antenna might increase the strength if changing positions of the dongle fails to do the trick.

A clip on antennae must be used on the laptop and will pick up signals as long they’re there. Wall mounted antennae limit your mobility, but if you’re at home you can attach it to your desk or wall and point it in the direction of the cellular tower.

Upgrade Your Package

It might be a good idea to upgrade your package if you’re constantly close to your maximum limits. The data allowance on monthly accounts is usually more than what’s offered with a payg dongle. Ask your provider to upgrade your dongle to the latest one. Some of them come with rotating heads for maximum signal strength, and really are about 30-40% faster than some of the older models.


Limit Your Browsing During Peak Periods

Your connection will run painfully slow when you’re running during peak time. During these hours,  (6P.M.-11P.M.) the majority of mobile users try to get online, and you’ll have a hard time with heavy browsing. You can reserve your downloads and heavy browsing for non-peak times, or use  software to reduce web congestion. Use a download scheduler to schedule downloads for a time of your choosing.

Get Mi-Fi

Mi-Fi is a mobile broadband connection and router rolled into one nifty package. It will connect to any laptop or tablet that has Wi-Fi capability, and if you position it in a place when the signal strength is greatest, you’ll be able to move around your home or office without a dropped connection.

Don’t Roam

There’s nothing like the shock of seeing a broadband bill after roaming to put you off mobile broadband for good. You’ll be billed at data roaming rates if you use your connection to access the web outside your home country. A single large download can cost hundreds if your provider doesn’t have any system in place to limit roaming. The solution here is simple don’t roam.

Disable Automatic Updates

Automatic software updates are a nuisance, but they can also use up your data allowance and slow down your browsing. Some software and apps might even run in the background without notification. A simple trick to speed up your connections is to disable automatic updates completely.