Every woman has their own preference of handbags that they prefer to wear. These different styles can be worn every day or changed throughout the week. Some people base their choices on their surroundings. Work, school, or a night out on the town can greatly influence the one they want as well. Here are 7 styles of comfortable handbags for women. These can be found at the Johnston & Murphy or Appleseed's online store.

  1. Clutches. These are made as either a fold over or come with a strap. This is easy to wear since you can hold them easily with one hand. If you are planning for an elegant event you should definitely purchase a clutch. It allows you to show off the clothes you are wearing without making the handbag the center piece.
  2. Satchels. If you would like to have a classic handbag, you will like this style. The straps featured on these bags are usually wide and shorter in length. These sit comfortably on shoulders and support the medium sized compartments that are found on satchels. Metal embellishments can be found on the outside of the bag closures to add extra flair to the handbags.
  3. Straw handbags. For those that would like a change from having a leather strap on their shoulder, the straw material is nice to wear. These bags have a soft texture and can also be stored easier since they are flexible. Spring and summer months are also the most popular times to spot them being carried around. The warmer weather also works well with the straw material compared to anything made from leather.
  4. Hobo. Women that prefer this style can spot it immediately in stores because it has a unique crescent moon shape. Many believe that this is one of the easiest styles to carry around. They are comfortable for anyone wearing it and the compartments range from small to medium in size.
  5. Cross body. For people that want to have a hands free handbag, they should look into buying this style. The strap goes on one should and lays across to the other side of your body. It is easy to access the main compartment as well. Most of the chains on a cross body bag are highly decorated.
  6. Totes. Tote handbags are perfect for the person that carries more than just the basic essentials in a purse. If you like to carry extra items to school or the office this can accommodate all of your belongings depending on how big the tote is. Many totes only come with handle that are meant to be carried around as opposed to wearing them on the shoulders.
  7. Messenger bags. For the most room in a handbag this is a top choice to pick. This is a great pick especially if you have to carry larger items for a longer period of time. You can also expect the material on messenger bags to be comfortable for the wearer as well.