You don't need to compromise taste if you want to eat healthy. Here are a few tasty foods to snack on when you get those cravings for sweets or junk food. 

1 - Apples


Apples are rich in iron, antioxidants, and fiber (which helps you to feel full). Here's a fun fact about apples: Eating two apples in the morning will help you feel more awake than if you drank a cup of coffee.

2- Dates


The health benefits of dates are endless! They contain many essential vitamins and minerals, and a handful of dates contains lots of fiber. They say that a few dates and a glass of milk can keep you going for the entire day! They are sweet and there are lots of different kinds for people with different tastes, so you're bound to find something that you'll love. 

3- Tangerines


Sweet, juicy, and rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Tangerines are a must if you want to detox your system. 


4 - Celery


Celery has B vitamin's which help you feel energetic, as well as C vitamins that are good for your immune system and also helps you detox. What's more, it has negative calories! No, that's not a typo.  Celery takes more calories to digest than it adds to your body.  Want to lose a lot of wieght? Just eat celery all day. Kind of like Bugs Bunny, but with celery. We're just kidding, don't take it that far. But speaking of Bugs Bunny...

5- Carrots

5- Carrots

Very low in calories, carrots contain A and B vitamins and help detoxify your liver.  Contrary to the urban myth, it won't give you x-ray vision, but it will improve your eye sight. Carrots are also very hard to chew, so you'll be burning quite a few calories eating them.

6- Mixed Nuts

6- Mixed Nuts

Nuts are one of those super-foods, like dates, that have pretty much all of the important vitamins and minerals that you need. Fiber, protein, healthy fats, you name it. Different nuts have different benefits, so it's best to have a mixture. It tastes better that way too. In fact, I keep a jar of dates and nuts handy right next to my desk, and I take some every time I get the smallest craving. I keep it right next to my jug of water...


7- Water

7- Water

Water! I can't emphasize it enough! Okay, so technically it's not food. But still, about 70% of our bodies are water.  Our muscles, the primary burners of fat in our body, need water.  Our bodies need water to clean out toxins throughout the day. Make sure you get at least two quarts of water every day.


It's important to remember to practice moderation when integrating these foods into your diet. Don't give up all of your junk food at once and eat nothing but fruits on day 1; it's not going to work. Rather, gradually introduce these foods into your diet over time and turn it into a habit that you do without needing to exert a lot of willpower.