Miranda Kerr Modeling

Miranda Kerr, who rose to fame after becoming a model for the largest American lingerie retailer – Victoria’s Secret, is now also an author, a business woman and a charity ambassador.  It is hard to tell if it is her physical beauty that sets her apart from other models (after all, top models are all competitive and physically attractive in their own ways). In my opinion, it is her attitudes and values that differentiate her.  Speaking of this, I think of one line from the movie Batman: “It's not who you are underneath. It's what you do that defines you.” It is what Miranda has done and shown to the public that puts her where she is today. Below are top seven things that I think girls can get inspirations from to become more attractive and confident.

7: A Peaceful and Strong Mind

The 30-year-old Australian model practices yoga, Pilates and meditation. As a big believer of bringing peace and harmony to life, she shares a lot of quotes on this theme on Instagram – an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service – that inspire me and many others. And, it is not hard to figure out she is a woman with a strong mind:  she gave birth to her lovely baby Flynn without taking any painkiller, stayed in the delivery room for 27 hours, and went back to modeling three months after she gave birth. Don't worry! I am not saying all pregnant women should model after her when they are delivering babies. But what she did tells me that: for whatever she sets her mind to, she will make it happen with determination.

6: A Positive Attitude and Cheerful Personality

Just as smiles and dimples have become a signature label for Miranda Kerr, so is her cheerful personality. When she travels around the world, she never forgets to have fun and simply enjoy the “now”. For example, for some time, she enjoyed doing a little "Jump for Joy” – a simple movement of jumping into the air. A series of travel pictures on her Instagram also show that she is always having fun while working. Having childlike fun-seeking attitude is especially precious as we mature because this kind of attitude reminds us to discover, enjoy and treasure simple joy, one of the secret recipes to happiness and inner peace. 

Jump For Joy

5: Eating Healthy

A secret to Miranda’s perfect skin is that she eats very healthy by having steamed vegetables most of the times. She pays close attention to what goes into her body, as eating healthy makes her feel good. When a girl feels her best, her confidence follows. The takeaway here is not that we need to persuade every girl to revolutionize her diet routines and go on a diet plan with only steamed vegetables, but that we should take the concept of health very seriously and welcome it to our daily life. When we are responsible for our body, it rewards us with good feelings and a confident look.


4: Family First

My respect for the Aussie model increases when I see that she values her family a lot. Her family is very important to her. She is grateful for her cute and healthy baby Flynn and her supportive husband Orlando Bloom. And she got her family involved to together work on her business – KORA Organics skin care line. To me, a strong family bond with warmth and support not only cultivates a loving spirit, but also serves as a solid foundation for an individual to do great things a well.

Miranda and her family

3: Time Management and Prioritization

A lot of people are wondering how Miranda Kerr can balance her busy schedule as a mom, a model, a business woman and an author. Her answer is “planning”. According to Miranda, she had her year plan laid out and had to make sure she has carved out a big chunk of time for her son. Her decision of leaving Victoria’s Secret is a natural progression as she would like to prioritize her family and take care of her business to pursue her bigger dream. It is hard for a woman, who knows what to give up for the more important things, not to shine with wisdom and charm.  

Excerpt From Treasure Yourself

2: Ambition

Speaking of her bigger dream, I see that Miranda Kerr is a woman diligently pursuing a path that can show her biggest potential: she wrote a self-help book called Treasure Yourself; she is now working on her second book; she has stopped renewing her one-million-dollar, three-year contact with Victoria’s Secret; she is now traveling around the world to promote her skin care line KORA Organics… These signs showcase she is slowly moving from working for an established brand to building her own brand and system. Again, from her Instagram photos, she is constantly sharing quotes to inspire her followers to live a full life. Apparently, these quotes are messages to Miranda herself as well.  

Miranda Kerr Ambition
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1: Finding Your True North

Finally, here comes the most important thing! The most significant inspiration I have benefited from Miranda Kerr is that: however perfect Miranda seems, we should never try to be any variation of her. Instead we should discover our own style and be our best. That is what she truly inspires us of, as she says: “no one person is more special than another. In order to love other fully you need to first love and accept yourself. ”

Miranda Kerr Encouragement
Credit: All photos above are taken from http://instagram.com/mirandakerr

In general, Miranda Kerr has set a great example of what it means to live a full life with high standards. When we expect the most of our life, we will get the most out of it.