Recently, I found myself stumbling around the internet; and ultimately winding up reading a Forbes article titled The World’s Billionaires. More interestingly, I stumbled upon one of the richest women in the world, named Wu Yajun who is worth an accumulated $5.5 billion dollars. In reading some of her biographical information, I also came to find out that she is a self-made billionaire. In short, this means all the money that she earned she actually worked for herself. She did not inherit a fortune or a Forbes Top 500 business like most of the other women seated on this list. This made me wonder two things. The first: “How can I make as much money as this successful woman?” and the second (which will be the focus of this article) “What would I do with all of this money if I actually had it?” I know plenty of people ask this question, so I thought writing this article, titled the 7 Things You Should Do if You Become the Worlds Richest Woman, would be in order. I hope you find this article entertaining. Of course, I cannot hit on all the things that should be done should you become rich and famous; so be sure to leave a comment with things you would do if suddenly you were on the worlds richest women.

1. Give Your Money to Charity

Maybe I am just a really philanthropic person to mention this one first, but following in the footsteps of the previously mentioned Wu Yajun, giving your money away is an excellent way to put your earnings to good use. While no doubt there is no need to go overboard and make yourself bankrupt, giving your money to charities (or giving it away in other charitable means) is an excellent suggestion. While not many people are so blessed to have the capacity to earn millions or billions of dollars in their lifetime, those who do achieve such great heights can be a valuable asset to the world in so many ways, whether it be financial or just in some way that you can use your celebrity power to make the world a better place. The worlds richest woman gives a good bulk of her money to charity, so why would you not want to do the same?

Of course, giving money to charity is a staple of being rich and famous. It makes living a leisurely life a little bit easier in a moral sense and can ultimately make you feel good as well while you are out on your yacht sipping a mi-ti. If you're into charitable giving and the rich and famous, be sure to check out my article titled The Top 7 Richest Rappers Who Give Their Money to Charity for some more inspiration on this issue.

2. Buy a Yacht

Here is a fun one that will be sure to highlight the point that you are, in fact, rich. A yacht is, simply put, a recreational boat. While they may certainly be purchased by people who are not exactly what we would consider rich, the more luxurious ones have a life of their own that only money and a good art designer can achieve. The best part about owning a yacht (when rich and famous) is having the opportunity to invite your many friends (both old and new) to party with you while out at sea. Even if you have no intention of using your yacht, just owning one will make you feel classy and highlight the poignent point that you are the worlds richest woman. Who said luxury boats were just for scraggly, rich old men anyways?

Yacht for the worlds richest woman

If you can't quite afford a billion dollar luxury yacht, maybe a remote controlled yacht would be more your speed?

3. Invest Your Money in Small Businesses

The key to maintaining your newly found wealth would certainly be growing it. With the right investments, earnings more money so you can continue to spend it in a variety of ways becomes a cinch. If you are not particularly savvy with your money or understanding the way businesses or the stock market works, it would be highly recommend to pay a professional to work with you on making your investments. I suggest investing in small businesses because they are the life blood of a capitalist economy. While mega-corporations and conglomerates (like Wal-Mart, Apple, and Microsoft) may be great investments because of their current success, if you intend to help bring new businesses to light; helping some small ones build from the ground up is certainly a great idea.

4. Buy Out Politicians (among others)

While #4 on this list of suggestions related to things you should do if you should become the worlds richest woman is more or less meant to be very satirical in nature, it is actually something you CAN do if you have billions of dollars. Who ever said politics was just about having peaceful discussions (or going to war if politicians are so inclined)? Buying off politicians so you can achieve your next financial success (perhaps in some illegal markets?) is an excellent idea, and one that is only as viable as the depth of your pockets. If I was the worlds richest woman, I would buy off a politician just because I CAN. Talk about the power of the dollar!

5. Incorporate Money into Your Home Decor

Who ever said that money should just be used to buy things with? That would be far to savage of a way to think. Money is not just a bartering tool for the worlds richest woman, but rather it may also be incorporated into your home decor and art design. Do you have a spare stack of hundred dollar bills that you have nothing to spend on? Why not hire someone to make some dollar bill pillows, or have those pieces of green framed? Certainly currency has some aesthetic value, especially to those who are far above money (IE: money does not pin them down). On this one, you can use your imagination I am sure.

6. Play Every Lottery in Your State

Here is a unique way to make money. If you have billions of dollars left sitting around, why not hire a few people to go all around your state (assuming you are from the United States) and have them buy all the lottery tickets at every possible ticket vending location. If done correctly, you will find yourself winning the lottery every month; and walking away with millions of dollars more then you spent (if my calculations are correct). Even if there was no money to be earned, you should feel fantastic because you are now sitting pretty on thousands upon thousands of lottery tickets. You have also just created new jobs for those people who need to buy all of the tickets, as well as search through them to find the winning ticket for you. You are just a great person, and the worlds richest woman as well.

7. Go on Forums and Insist You are the "Worlds Richest Woman"

This one doesn't necessarily come with a cost, but it is certainly a way to show the anonymous world of the internet that you are rich and you mean business. Inform everyone that you are the richest person in the world. To make things more interesting, give $1,000 dollars to every forum responder who does not come at you with a negative comment or a personal insult. Given the nature of the internet, you will likely not be spending very much money; but will have an amusing press release by the end of the quarter.

If you become the worlds richest woman, what would you do with all that money? While this article is heavy on satire, it also highlights some great (if not absurd or stupid) things you can do with your money, as well as your newly found power and fame. So, what would you do with all that money? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

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