St. Louis is the Home of the St. Louis Cardinals with the best sports fan anywhere.  But there is so much more to do in St. Louis.  I have the privilege of living close enough to enjoy the spectacular activities and attractions that St. Louis has to offer.  Great food, great people, and great shopping are just some of the things you can enjoy in St. Louis.  It is not just the city, the suburbs are wonderful too.  If you find yourself in St. LouisMissouri and have some extra time to catch the amazing attractions of St. Louis, I hope you take my recommendations for the following:

1. Watch sports games
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St. Louis has a lot of sports teams including the St. Louis Rams, of the National Football League; The twelve time World Series of Major League Baseball, St. Louis Cardinals; and The St. Louis Blues, of National Hockey League fame. Of course, all these teams play at different arenas so you may want to check where they are playing before assuming anything. Great spacious arenas for your sports entertainment. Some hardcore sports fans would come from far places just to see their favorite teams live. You can't blame them because the experience of being able to cheer for your favorite team playing right in front of you is definitely very different from watching them on TV. Sometimes, the excitement of each game can get to the average fan though. They will get so enthused they will not want to leave.   

2. Have Fun at Six Flags, St. Louis
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The kids are going to love riding the thrilling rides at St. Louis. Not only that, they will also be able to meet their favorite cartoon characters so take pictures with them so they will know what happened on that great day. There are also concerts here by famous bands in the city. The Hurricane Harbor Water Park here can provide for a lot fun for those who love frolicking in the water. The rides here to not miss are the Screaming Eagle wooden coaster and Batman the Ride. Both rides are certainly for people who want to have a lot of fun and not those who are afraid of heights. Mr. Freeze now goes backwards.  Going close to 70 mph backwards is, well, not for me, the kids really like it.  Guests can also obtain a group discounts for those who are having group activities here such as reunions, team buildings and gatherings. The amusement park is for people of all ages as older people can also enjoy what they did not experience when they were young.  The food is good but pretty expensive.  I would advice bringing a picnic basket and sit outside the gates under the beautiful trees planted around the park and parking lot. 

3. Cuddle with Cute Animals at St. Louis Zoo
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Animal lovers will love the fact that there are some nice looking animals at the St. Louis Zoo. The entire family will have fun watching them do their normal thing. Watch out for the monkeys, because their normal thing involved throwing of feces.  There are also souvenirs here so you can buy stuffed toys and other cute gifts that can be found there. There are a lot of themed restaurants scattered all over the zoo so you won't get hungry here. If you want to cuddle with animals they should be the stuffed animals you can buy.  The tigers may like to cuddle, but you might not like it. 

4.  Places to Eat in St. Louis
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The number of nice restaurants at the Hill simply can't be counted. Don't miss out on tasting the famous St. Louis thin crust pizza and the mouth watering butter case which is a tempting creation indeed. It is not really healthy to eat a lot of food but that can be forgiven when you are visiting a place where there are a lot of food that you have yet to try. You diet will not survive.  If you are a tourist you may in fact just come back for the food.  The attractions may just be an added bonus.  There is about any type of ethnic food you can think of.  If you want to experience different types of foods, spend a month here in St. Louis.  You still will not have enough time.  However, if you are in for just a few days, you will have so many choices you will probably have to eat 5 times a day.

5. Shop all Day Long
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If it is one thing ladies have in common, it is the fact that they love to shop. You can certainly do that in St. Louis because of all the boutiques and shopping malls that offer a lot of goods to tourists. Don't forget to buy things for the people back at home because they too want something that would make them feel that they came from St. Louis.  For the husbands, there are a lot of great sports stores, tobacco stores, and yes clothing stores for men that will make you the envy of the people back home.  While your wife and kids are buying the stores out, you can relax in a lot of the cigar aficionado smoke shops St. Louis has to offer. 

6. Bring out the Child in you at City Museum

You can spend an entire day at the CityMuseum and not run out of things to do. Guests can mingle with over ten thousand sea creatures at the World Aquarium. Visitors can also learn from the circus themed workshops and eat circus themed food. You can also bring out your artistic persona and make a masterpiece at the ArtCity. 

St. Louis City MuseumCredit: 

After you leave the CityMuseum go on over to the St. LouisScienceCenter.  You can watch an IMAX moving in a room that will just thrill the kids and you.  The displays in the ScienceCenter will simply amaze the children and the child in you.  I know I added the St. LouisScienceCenter into this category, because of the educational purposes. 

7. Taste Fine St. Louis Brewery
Anheuser Busch ToursCredit:
Take a tour of famous companies that make beer. It is no secret liquor is what makes the world go round for most people and that is certainly the case here. There are a lot of premium brands here to taste so you can compare them with each other and find out which among them is the best.  The parents will get to sample the beer at the Anheuser-Busch Tours, but they will get to see a big factory at work and that is simply amazing. 

As you can see, St. Louis is no boring city. Plenty of things to do in the GatewayCity. You will find yourself wanting to come back. Probably for the food.  LOL.

I did not include the St. Louis Gateway Arch in this one because I dedicated a whole other article to this amazing site. 

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