Why do you feel more offended when someone insults your mother than when they insult your father? Maybe it is because of the need to protect her. You probably feel that your dad could handle it better than your mother. The fact remains that your mother has been the center of your life right from day one. There has always been a special bond, a special understanding between you and your mother. You feel you can tell her everything. She has been a sort of moral compass all your life. The fact that you spend a lot more time with her will shape the way you relate to other woman and to the world in general. There is nothing more comforting like knowing that your mother really cares about you and loves you unconditionally. As you grow older, you will become aware of the sacrifices your parents have made on your behalf over the years. You might be more sensitive to the efforts of your mother because of the way things generally turn out. Your mother feels she knows you better than you know yourself. You might also feel that you know your mother enough because you have spent a lot to time with her. That being the case, there are still a lot of things you will not want to know or find out about your mother. It is a boundary that most children just don't want cross. There are a lot of myths surrounding women and mothers.

Former Sex Worker: Calling someone a sex worker is a more politically correct way of saying a prostitute. You know your mother is a woman but you really don't want to know she has slept with so many man just for the money. Mothers are supposed to be holy. They are supposed to be morally clean and devoid of any immoral stain that is commonly seen in other women. You would like to think that your mother is like the Virgin Mary. This is one of those jobs you would never want your mother to do. It doesn't matter if she did it so you could stay alive. It is just something your mind will be unable to cope with. If someone were to say to you that it was just a job, that will not bring any closure. It might be just a job as long as your mother is not the one doing it.

Your Father is not your father: It as often being said that only women know who the real father of her children is or are. If you have been raised by both parents, you would have been lead to believe that your parents are "your parents". You would hate to hear that the person you think was your father was only just the care taker. If you were not informed from infancy, you might struggle dealing with the emotional impact later on as an adult. You would feel that your whole life has been a lie. You would also start to question what else your mother might be hiding from you. This also might imply that your mother must have led a wayward life in her youth. The illusion you had about your mother being the moral compass would have been shattered. You might start to search for the so called "real father". You will blame your mother for not getting her acts together when she was younger.

In Love with your best friend: It is generally difficult for children to think of their mother as a woman with feelings and sexual needs. It would be devastating to find out that your mother has been fooling around with your best friend. With regards to friendship, that will be the end of your relationship with your so called best friend. You will then move back to your mother and try to chastise her for making such a bad choice. It is one thing to fall in love with another man and it is something different when that person is your best friend. It is as if your friend as defiled a holy thing. You will despise your mother for being so childish, thoughtless and stupid. You will hate your friend for being sneaky and thinking with his private part. There is no healing from this awkward situation. You will eventually forgive your mother but it will be more difficult to forgive your friend.

Criminal Record: Imagine learning that your mother spent time in jail. The thought of that alone can be disconcerting. It will also depend on the reason. If the reason has nothing to do with murder, prostitution, armed robbery or any other major crime, you might find it easy to digest. No matter what the reasons might be, mothers are not supposed to go to jail. At least, your mother is not supposed to have gone to jail. You might start to question all the words of wisdom she had drummed down your head over the years. How come she never practiced what she is now preaching?

Used to do drugs: Doing drugs is an irresponsible act. It doesn't matter who you are, you should not be taking drugs. It becomes even more confusing if you discovered that your mother was a drug dealer and a junky. Of course you are with her at the moment but the knowledge would not really reassure you. What was she thinking? Maybe that is why your IQ level is so low. She messed up and you have to face the consequences. Of course you cannot attribute all your failures to your mother. To know that your mother was involved in such disgusting practice will have you perplexed for days while your brain try to readjust to the revelations.

Lesbian: If you were ever to catch you mother kissing another woman, it would be cold in hell. You used to think mummy likes daddy but know you have just discovered she also likes her Ziddy. Where do you start? Could you still look her at her and call her mummy. Would you feel disgust for what your mother has become? At times being ignorant of your mother's sexual orientation is the best thing. You have heard the saying, keep it in the closet. It really makes sense..

Was a man: What if mummy was a man and you only have just discovered that? You might be in for some years of therapy. At times, the less you know about your parents the better. Children often idealize their mothers and mummy can't do wrong. For your emotional well being, ignorance is your friend.