Under California’s strict liability dog bite rule, the dog bite victim and his Los Angeles dog bite attorney can hold you liable for his losses even if there was no negligence on your part.

In fact, the dog bite victim can prove liability just by showing establishing that the injury was indeed caused by an actual dog bite (not another type of attack like pouncing or scratching) and that you own or have custody of the dog.

That is why you should really take the time to take measures to ensure that your pet will not hurt anyone.

To help you, here are some tips that you can follow:

1.    Choose a safe breed.

If you have not yet bought a dog, you should consult first with expert breeders and veterinarians about its species that are not inherently aggressive like Pit bulls and Rottweilers.

2.    Neuter dog.

The best time to have your dog neutered or sprayed is before their 9th month.

This should effectively reduce their aggressive tendencies.

3.    Train your dog

Start training them when they are still puppies so that they will be more comfortable with the presence of other people.

4.    Keep them on leash

Even if your town do not have a leach law, it is still better if you keep yhem on a leash to make sure that they do not suddenly attack other people.

They also increase their aggressiveness in the presence of other dogs so having them leashed while there are other dogs around give you more control over your pet.

5.    Do not wrestle with dog.

Even if you are just playing around, it develops some aggressive tendencies for your dog.

Avoid wrestling or other aggressive types of games with your pet.

6.    Never leave child alone with your dog.

This is a big No-NO.

Dogs do not think like people so a child may do something harmless and be interpreted as an attack and cause them to retaliate.

7.    Consult a vet.

If your dog develops an aggressive tendency, consult with a veterinarian for advice.

Get Help

However, even with all those precautions, if your pet still bites someone, then you would still be held liable due to the principle of strict liability but do not fret too much as your homeowner’s insurance usually takes care of that.

For victims, they can consult with the Los Angeles injury attorneys of Mesriani Law Group to know their legal options.