Tips For Using Your Ab Wave Machine

The Ab Wave is just like any machine, it requires some attention to keep it running at its best.

Here are some tips for using and maintaining your machine, so that you can get the most out of it.

1. Before you get on the Ab Wave, you will want to tighten up some of the bolts. The one under the seat can come loose quite often, as can the handle bolts on the sides. This does get better with time and after a while it will stay in.

2. It also helps to have the feet sitting on carpet as opposed to floorboards or vinyl. Because your weight is sliding left to right on a smooth floor the Ab Wave will want to move that way, even with the anti-slip pads.  The carpet will also help keep the noise down when you are waving, which helps when you are trying to watch TV or listen to something.

3. Taking off the knob underneath the seat (it will unscrew) after you are comfortable is a great idea because it can get in the way. After using the Ab Wave my knob started to unscrew itself so it was easier to just remove. (The knob is under the seat and screws into the bracket highlighted in red.)

4. I don’t like putting water on metal even though it's painted. So I use WD-40 or similar to spray on the rails and the wheels which keeps it well lubricated. The WD-40 will stick to the rails, where the water will dry, saving you from lubricating it every day.


Ab wave adjustmentCredit: Christopher D Brown

Ab wave legCredit: Christopher D Brown

5. To pack the ab wave away, undo the knob at the rear of the base of the seat and fold the back rest forward. It will rest on the seat. You can then easily press the ball bearing like button on the legs to release the leg. You can then slide it under your bed or store it in your cupboard. (You can use the Allen key which came with the Ab Wave to unscrew the handle and the timer, if you need to put it somewhere tight.)







6. The timer automatically starts when you start exercising on the Ab Wave. It will tell you details of your workout  including the time you have exercised, the calories you have burnt, the amount of times you have swayed and there is a meter which runs around the edge of the screen which lets you know how smoothly you are swaying.

7. The timer will remember all the details the next time you exercise so it reset it, just press and hold the black button until the numbers revert to zero.

Using the Ab Wave is a lot of fun and I hope these tips help you get more out of it.

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