Helping Your Kids Get Through A Divorce

Children that are going through a divorce can be stressful, sad and confusing at any age and they may feel angry and resentful towards mom and dad splitting up. As a parent you have to be able to provide the stability in your home and the affection that your children needs to help them cope with a divorce. The biggest key is to stay postive and always be there for your children as they work through the transition of the divorce.

There are ways to help your child adjust to an divorce, 7 tips are stated below to help you do just that.


  1. Let your chilren express their feelings about the divorce, rather it be in anger, hatred, etc. Once your children feel that you are listening to there feelings it will help them feel more secure and loved.

  2. Always keep the line of communciation open with your ex as this will help avoid the stress that comes with watching parents fight and agrue. They will also see that both parents are getting along and it will help reassure them that much more.

  3. Always reassure your children by letting them know that no matter what both parents love them and that it isn't there fault. Even if you have to constantly keeping reminding them of that.

  4. Maintain consistency, keep the routine the same (bedtime,choirs,dinnertime). Children feel safest when things are familiar and consistent.

  5. Be more affectionate. A few extra hugs here and there are just want the doctored ordered. Spend more quailty time with your children, as this will make a difference in your children feeling less scared or lonely.

  6. Stay in contact with your children by calling them everyday if you can, also stay involved in other aspects of there lives ( school functions, holidays, etc). By
    doing so it will let them know that you are still involved in their lives.

  7. Be careful not to drag the children in the middle of you and your Ex's conflicts. Direct issues directly to your Ex and not allow your children to be messenagers. By doing so will only add more stress to their lives and evedtually start making them resentfull.

It often takes two or more years for children to adjust to their parent's divorce. Through love, understanding and keeping constant contact with your children, you will help them adjust to the divorce. Divorce is hard to go through for the adults, but even more so for the children. If you take the 7 tips above to heart and even do more research on how to help your children cope with divorce, you will be on your way to helping your children grown into well adjusted kids and adults.