Reading is the most important skill that children can learn and will help them do well in other subjects in school. Millions of Americans have difficulty reading, and even more disturbing, do not fully comprehend what they read. These problems stem from not developing comprehension during childhood. If this problem is not corrected early, they will have trouble in school, and the workforce. However, there are things that parents can do to make sure their children cultivate reading comprehension. The following 7 tips can help:

Make Reading A Priority

Parents should consider setting a regular time for reading sessions. And it does not have to be a solitary activity. You can turn it into a family affair and have everyone take turns reading a passage. Siblings can also help each other and when someone is having problems, they can be solved. Studies have shown that just 15 minutes of daily practice can improve comprehension. Another benefit is that it strengthens the family relationships. This is a winning situation for everyone.

Invest In A Dictionary

Using a dictionary can accelerate reading comprehension. If children do not understand certain words, they can look them up. They can learn the pronunciations and meaning at the same time. If they do this over a period of time, their reading will become more fluent and they will become more confident. Their grades will improve in and self-esteem will increase. The dictionary increases vocabulary and will improve communication skills. Writing down words by hand is the most effective way to memorize words. Buy the best dictionary that you can afford.

Take Your Children To The Library

According to education experts, children should be taken to the library every two weeks for new reading material. Libraries have an almost endless content of information and can inspire children to read more. You can also borrow books that your children enjoy and take them home. An online library should also be considered because they save time and eliminates the responsibility of handling books. This is a valuable resource that should not be ignored. 

Have Your Children Read Aloud

Reading aloud is a process that improves reading comprehension because it forces children to slow down and concentrate. It also helps them to pronounce words and stay focused on their content. Their understanding of the text will be better than if they read aloud. This may seem odd, but the most important thing is to develop their reading skills. Studies have shown that by the third grade, a child should be able to read 90 words per minute. This reading technique will help them develop fluency.

Highlight Words

If your children are having problems comprehending words or sentences, they should  highlight them. After reading the passage, they can go back and use a dictionary to get a better understanding. Some people prefer to use a yellow magic marker and others use a pencil or pen. Both of these alternatives are fine. Do whatever is effective for your children.

Expose Them To Online Games

Parents should investigate online games that are available to help children improve their reading comprehension. Many of them are free and they can refer back to them whenever they want. Dozens of games are available, including crossword puzzles, word scramble, video games, and more. Their vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency will be helped tremendously.

Monitor Your Children's Reading Progress

If your children are struggling with reading comprehension, parents should talk to their teachers. Educators can spend extra time to help them understand better what they are reading. Suggestions can be made about what can be done at home. Enrolling your children in a reading program is another option that should be considered. There are many quality ones available. Do your research and find the best one for your children.

Reading Comprehension is necessary to maximize your children's academic achievement. It will help them when they enter the workforce. Parents should help develop their reading fluency at an early age and identify any potential problems. Reading should be an enjoyable experience and these 7 tips can help your children do so.

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