Regardless of how many articles and books you have written, there is always room for improving your writing skills. If your writing is not continually improving then you need to take a look at your writing process. Here are 7 tips to help you improve your writing skills.

1. Deadlines

There is nothing that can push you to write more efficiently then a demanding editor or client. If you have a deadline then you will get the article done. Turn off the Facebook and focus solely on your article until you finish it.

If you have no “deadline requirements” then you can set-up your own deadlines instead. Force yourself to write 3 articles of 1,000 words each in a single day. Force yourself to write a high quality blog post within 3 days. Whatever you do, a tight deadline can help you to write better.

2. Write Daily

Writing should be a habit. The more you write then the better you will get at it. If you are not writing each day then your writing will not improve like it should. Whether you write longform articles for The Atlantic or 500 word articles for InfoBarrel, you should always be working to improve your writing skills by writing daily.

3. Make Writing Fun

All writers will get “burned out” writing. Sometimes you simply need to take a break from writing and instead of writing for the day you go out and do something fun. Head to the zoo or go to the beach. This can often help you to balance your writing life with your personal life.

In many cases, getting burned out on writing will lead to you disliking writing. If you once loved to write articles but not find it boring and monotonous, then make a change. Instead of writing what you typically write you should instead branch out and try writing something new. Maybe try longform journalism, erotica short stories, top 10 lists, or any other type of writing you think you may find interesting.

4. Read

If you are not reading then you are not a writer. All writers need to read. Most of the greatest writers in history were also veracious readers. You should be consuming a lot of words each week. Reading will help you to improve your writing, regardless of what you read. Another great thing about reading a lot is that you become much more educated and it can help stimulate new ideas so you are not stuck with writers block.

5. Ignore People

Ignoring people can have a very positive effect on your writing skills. Although listening to people’s advice and criticism is very important in certain situations, it can also be a severe hindrance on your progress. There are always many so-called experts in any writing field, but too often we find ourselves trying to do what they think is necessary for our own writing, even when not applicable. If you aunt is a big-shot publisher with a major book publishing company then yes, she will have a lot of insights into how you can get a book published; however, if you are writing a lot about travel on your own blog then much of her advice is not applicable to you at all.

It is important that you can distinguish between who to listen to and who to ignore.

6. Type Fast

Quality is important but so is quantity. If you are looking to be financially successful with your writing then you need to write a lot. The best way to increase your ability to write a lot is to learn to type fast. The faster you type then the faster you can finish the article or book and start on a new one. Don’t spell check while you are writing. You should simply write out your article and then spell-check it after you have completed it.

If you do not have the ability to type fast then the more you write the better your typing skills will increase also. You can also use a voice to text software. Many computers have a voice to text software built into it or you can buy a premium voice to text software Dragon Naturally Speaking.

7. Enjoy the Process

You should enjoy writing and the entire process. If you are simply writing 400 word articles about a higher paying keyword topic, but you find the topic uninteresting, then you will not enjoy the process like you should. If you are stuck writing for clients or for upfront pay from websites such as Textbroker and Iwriter, then you will often be forced to write on topics you find super-boring.

On the other hand if you are writing articles for a website such as InfoBarrel or your own blog then YOU get to choose what you write about. If you are interested in Paris then you can write an article or multiple articles about Paris. You will enjoy the research and the writing aspect much more if you choose topics you are interested in.

Regardless of what level you are at with your writing, you should always strive to get to the point where you can always pick and choose what you want to write about. If you work a full-time job and writing is simply an enjoyable hobby, then you are in the perfect position as a newer writer to only choose to write about what you find interesting.

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