Reality television shows are some of the most watched programs in America today. Some people believe that creating and producing a show is complicated, but it is not that difficult. If you are knowledgeable about technology, you can do this yourself. It might be a good idea to consider bringing in a group of investors to help reduce your costs. With Youtube and other video sites, it is easier than ever to create a program. The great thing about a reality TV show is you do not to have a special talent such as singing, dancing, or acting. If you assemble a cast with charming personalities, then you can have a successful reality show. If you are not afraid of what people will say about you, then your chances of being successful will be even better. Your odds of becoming a reality star are better if you follow these 7 tips:

Ask Yourself Why You Want To Create A Reality TV Show

It is important to ask yourself why you are doing a reality show. If you do not have a passion for it, then you will probably fail. Are you creating one because you want to be famous? Are you doing it to further your entertainment career? If you have your family members are involved, would you and they feel comfortable airing your family business? You should think seriously about the answers to these questions.  Your show is going to be seen all over the country. Once your show hits the Internet, it will be on there forever. Think about what you want it to accomplish.  Make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons.

Develop An Idea Or Concept

When you are developing an idea or concept, try to make it unique. You want it to be different from other reality shows. Be specific about what you want it to be about. Is it family-oriented? Is it entertaining? This will also make it easier for your program to find a niche audience.  You want your reality show to be fun and interesting so that people will consistently watch. An ideal concept is 2-5 pages, although it can be longer. The important thing is that it is a quality concept and is original. It is a good idea to watch some TV sitcoms to help you come up with some ideas. A good title is another way to help your show stand out and pique's the viewer's interest. Your title should bring an immediate image or thought about what your show. Good examples are "Meet the Parents", "The Bachelor", or "The Bachelorette." Your title should be straightforward. Take your time with this first step because is your foundation for your reality television show.

Buy The Proper Equipment

Buy the best equipment that you can afford.  This goes a long way in creating a quality reality television program. A quality video camera is essential and it should be people-friendly. Another thing you should do is purchase a digital video camera. You are going to want extra footage of your episodes available. Mistakes will be made during the process of creating your reality show. You need to be able to edit them. When you and your actors and actresses are "hanging out", you can all sit around and enjoy the "bloopers." Be sure that you put all of your footage on a backup drive. If you do not, you could lose all of your work. Everyone has worked hard and you do not want all of that effort to be destroyed. Be sure to save it. Caution: Do not delete any footage until the editing process is finished. You should invest money in a good editing software. You might want to make adjustments in your show. For example, you may want to add music, or other special effects. You always want to be in the position to make necessary changes. Microsoft Movie Maker is an outstanding software program to use if you are uploading raw footage with your computer. Lighting equipment and props will also be needed. If money is an issue for you, then shop around, or surf the Internet for a good deal on used equipment. You should also go to a technology store and ask them about any special deals that they may have.

Hire A Lawyer

You should do this before you even start filming. Make sure that everything you are doing is legal. This is a common sense rule of business, but many people violate this rule. They enter agreements that are not beneficial to them. Do not be one of these people. You may end up doing business with a Hollywood Production Company. A lawyer will make sure that you sign a fair contract. A lawyer will not only be looking out for you, but other people working for you. Your employees are going to expect you to compensate them fairly, and a good lawyer will help you do this. Your work should be protected from theft. Your lawyer can help you get your show copyrighted, which will protect you. Registering your work with Writer's Guild of America is will connect you with other writers and television producers. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, then contact some Law firms. and Some of them offer free consultations. You should always have some type of legal representation.

Hire Your Production Team

Depending on what type of reality show you are doing, you may want to have casting calls. These can help you cast the right actors and actresses for your program. You could create an ad in the newspaper, or advertise on the Internet. After you have selected them, you should be direct with them about what you expect from their roles. This will increase the chances of your program succeeding because they know what you want. Some of them may not have much acting experience, so it is wise to have some cue cards available. This will help them memorize their lines. Make sure that you give them a quality script. Be professional at all times and listen to suggestions from your production team. Do not be afraid of constructive criticism. Always have an open mind when it comes to learning something. If you want longevity in reality television, then you should concentrate on more than just the first episode. You should detail content for several episodes during your first season and beyond. If a Hollywood producer is interested in your reality show, this will make it much easier to do business with them. You should pursue excellence and be professional at all times. This will make your television career easier. Hiring people to handle your lighting and sound is also something that you should do.

Upload Your Reality Show

After you have edited and adjusted your footage, now it is time to upload. If you have not done so, you should sign up for a YouTube account at Before you upload your show,  consider inviting family and friends to your home to offer their opinions. After uploading your video, you should promote it on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Creating a channel is necessary because you want to get feedback from viewers. You need this feedback so that you can find out what people like or do not. Frankly, if you cannot take criticism, then you should not be in the entertainment industry, because this comes with the territory. Every episode should be critiqued and if you do this, you will produce better shows and attract more fans.

Research Hollywood Production Companies

If you are interested in working in Hollywood, then you need to find out about the prominent people there. One of the ways you can do this is to read the Hollywood Creativity Director. This is an outstanding source for finding out about companies that produce reality television shows. You can even make some calls to these executives and try to pitch your program to them. Or, you can write them some letters describing them. The Screen Actors Guild of America is also an excellent source of information and can help you make contact with actors and actresses. Make sure that all of your business is in order. If a Hollywood producer is interested in your work, you will be ready. They see dozens of scripts every week and do not want to waste their time on substandard work. Show them that you have your business together.

You should now relax and pat yourself on the back. Your first reality television show has been created! When you are creating and producing your show, have fun and do not take yourself too seriously. Continue to do what you enjoy. Do not worry about whether or not a Hollywood producer wants to do business with you. If you produce quality shows, then you will eventually come to the attention of these executives. Just remember not to do this because you want to be famous. Always make sure that you have legal representation.Be professional and respectful to your production crew. Evaluate your programs, learn from your mistakes, and if you want to, pitch your shows to the Hollywood community. If you use these 7 tips, you can create your own reality television show.