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Getting an insurance cover is not only mandatory but the surest way to ensure you get indemnified in case of an accident or theft of your car. The saddest thing is most customers don’t take the time to get car insurance quotes that will save some money. They assume that after buying the car, the insurance costs are insignificant hence fail to shop for the lowest rates.

The truth of the matter is insurance costs can be expensive particularly if the car’s value is high. Other add-ons to the policy may push the rates even higher. In a bid to help you save money, here are useful tips on how to get a cheap car insurance quote. 

How to Get the Best Insurance Quotes

1. Shop Around… You guessed it right; this is where it all starts. It is almost common knowledge that different insurance providers will offer different rates. Thus, you need to move from one insurance provider to the other in search for the one that offers the most reasonable auto insurance quotes. Don’t just take any rate given to you. Ensure that you negotiate for the lowest price before going to the next insurer. Once you have made enough inquiries, sit down, compare the quotes and go with the one that offers the best price.

In case you don’t have the time to shop around, you can contact an insurance agent who will do the research for you. You only need to ensure you get the written down quote as opposed taking his or her word for the truth.

In the spirit of shopping around, you can decide to take your search online. Most insurance providers have used the internet as a way of bringing their services closer to the customers. You can get as many car insurance quotes online for comparison purposes.

2. Keep a Flawless Driving History… Your past driving history has a direct impact on the final insurance rate. In fact, in most insurance proposal forms, you are required to indicate you past claim history. If you have a tainted driving past, the insurers might be tempted to think you are a reckless and dangerous driver hence giving you car insurance quotes that are exorbitant. Don’t be tempted to lie if the driving history is not that good as it might affect you in the future when you are in an accident.

3. Don’t Over Insure Your Car… Many people don’t know it but giving a higher value to your car when insuring is not a guarantee that you will be highly compensated in case of an accident. If anything over insuring only makes the insurance policy expensive. When you buy a new car, ensure that you take if for valuation so as to ascertain its real value. Avoid insuring other unnecessary risks if their chances of happening are next to none.

4. Check on the Mileage… The more mileage you cover, the more expensive the insurance. While it may difficult to avoid traveling in your car, ensure that you drop the distances that you don’t need. When you reduce the mileage, you will be doing yourself a favor by keeping the costs down. Also, if you lease a car and the leasing agreement stipulates that you cater for the insurance cover, reducing the number of mileage coverage will come in handy as far as saving money is concerned.

5. Raise the Excess Amount… Excess is the initial amount the insured meets after an accident has happened. It is the insured who pays it from his or her pocket. While some insurance companies have set the minimum excess amount to be paid, there are exceptions to this rule and you can decide on the amount to pay.

Buying a new car is a substantial investment and the need to have it adequately insured cannot be disputed. However, you can request that you increase the amount you will pay for excess to make the policy cheaper. You need to careful here and indicate the amount you can comfortably as most insurers will not look into your claim unless the excess amount is paid. You don’t want an accident to happen, and your application cannot be processed because you cannot pay the excess.

6. Guard the No-Claim Bonus… As a way of ensuring that the customer does not cause as many accidents, insurance companies offer a no-claim bonus for anyone who goes through the entire policy term without causing an accident. The way this works is that during renewal of the policy, you present the company with your past year driving records, and they offer a discount on the renewal premium for that year.

This is an incredible way to save some money and thus you should do all it takes to guard it. The good thing is, the bonus stands even after years of driving. Thus, the more you stay clean on the road, the cheaper the insurance policy.

Choosing the Best Car InsuranceCredit: www.cornellinsurance.ca7. Combine Your Policies… If you have other insurance policies such as fire and life, you may consider incorporating your car insurance into that policy. When you combine all your insurance policies under one umbrella and with one insurer, the rates at which you pay are going to be cheaper.

Insurance companies do this as a way of attracting new and maintaining the already existing customers. Do not fail to take the advantage that comes with multi policy discounts. However, you need to contact the insurance provider for the guideline on how to go about multiple insurance policies.

The best car insurance is the one that adequately covers your car and yet doesn’t leave your pockets empty. If you bought your car through a new car financing plan, you are already paying monthly installments and thus the need for a cheap insurance policy need no emphasis.

With the advent of competition amongst insurance providers, getting car insurance quotes that suit your needs at a friendly price is not that hard. You can go for a policy that doesn’t cover so many risks and have it amended in the future if you don’t have enough money to spend when you’re initially buying the cover. With the tips provided above, you are a step closer to getting that insurance policy and saving money too.