Making memories with your kids

A family picnic is the perfect activity to enjoy your family. Set aside a couple of hours, pick the perfect spot and make sure that you have plenty of delicious food and head out. To ensure that the picnic is a total success, you might want to check out the following tips. 

PicnicCredit: Genesis Davies1. Choose food for everyone.

Every family has someone who detests onions, or someone who won't eat meat. Cater to the various tastes by preparing something for each food interest. Sandwiches are standard picnic food and it's easy to make a couple without onions for the non-onion lover.

2. Pack food separately.

Have a ways to travel before you can settle in and eat? Then you'll find that sandwiches get soggy and salads droop. That's not a problem if you pack things separately, though! Look at using multiple mini containers or try one of those Tupperware containers with multiple sections to store everything separately. It doesn't take long to assemble once you've arrived and all the food will be fresh.

3. Bring more than one picnic blanket.

Blankets scrunch up on the grass, so bring at least two if you have more than two people in your family. This will ensure that everyone has somewhere to sit. And, if the grass is damp, you can toss down two blankets instead of just one to protect your bottom. 

4. Bring something else to do. 

Kids tend not to sit still for too long, so choose a picnic spot that has a playground or bring along a Frisbee, ball or something else for them to play with while the adults sit and chat. It's good to get a little exercise after a big meal, too, so make sure you get up and play with them!

5. Get it to go.

Can't take the time to make up some awesome picnic food? No worries, a deli will have everything you need. Just order it to go and bring along your own plates and utensils! Some places have picnic offerings, but you might prefer to pick a few main dishes and a couple of sides. Don't forget the drinks! A large two liter bottle of juice or soda is a good way to go, as opposed to individual drinks. 

Family picnicCredit: G. Davies

6. Banish the bugs. 

You can bring bug spray (though this isn't recommended before eating) or a citronella candle or two that will keep the flying bugs away from you. No one wants to remember their picnic as the day they were covered in bug bites. Bring along some calamin lotion or Bug Off as well, just in case.

7. Relax.

The worst thing you can do on a picnic with your family is worry about the stuff you have to get to on Monday, think about your clients or otherwise remove your mind from the equation. Take this time to relax and hang out with your kids. It's the perfect time to make some memories and enjoy life, so turn off the cell phone, leave the electronics at home and just focus on having fun.