As either high school or college graduations come closer it is the season to create an effective resume that gets and keeps the attention of the reader. Even if you are just graduating from high school or college you may still have experience and it may not just be work related but you may have performed volunteer work or helped build up advertising for the school newspaper but it is experience and you can create a very positive impression if you present it in an effective resume that is well written. Of course job seekers will need a resume also so follow these tips for creating a better resume.

Tip 1 - Keep it Consistent

Many places that are looking for job applicants do so through newspaper ads or online websites so when you drop off that resume you see no one and there is no one to make that very important first impression on. So you have to reply on your resume to do this for you. When you create resume make sure it is consistent. If you are forming bullets or statements keep them in the same form so the resume has a consistent appearance. Also when you create resume keep similar items grouped together.

Tip 2 – Make it Easy to Read

Legibility and readability are keys to an effective resume because if  it is difficult to follow or is not legible then it will not be read. If you do not have a printer for your computer have it printed somewhere because a hand written resume implies you have no computer skills and you do not want to make that impression when you are applying for a job. This also includes keeping it simple to follow. Don’t add embellishments as that may confuse the reader and that is not an effective resume.

Tip 3 – Use a Format

There are three basic formats for a resume. They are chronological where you list most recent job experience first. There is by function where you create resume by skill sand experience. The third format is the target format where the skills that pertain to the specific job are highlighted.

Tip 4 – Utilize Reference Materials

There are a lot of reference materials available so when you create resume you can use some of the resume reference websites for resume examples or blank resume forms. Most of them are free so use them for an effective resume.

Tip 5 – Include All Pertinent Information

Don’t leave out important information. Gaps look suspicious. Also make sure you include all of your contact information including email address.

Tip 6 – Using References

Generally you don’t list references on the resume. Wait until you have a job interview and bring a list of references with you. Also make sure you have told your references that you are using their names and tell them what you are applying for.

Tip 7 – Make sure you Proof Read

You can’t proof read your resume too many times. Mistakes end up in the trash.