Feeling better about yourself

The dictionary states "showing poise and confidence in your own worth." Feelings of self-confidence established on your appearance are only in your mind, meaning your confidence depends on personal thoughts and perceptions about the way you look. If you can change the way you think about your looks, you can change your level of self-confidence.

Here are 7 tips to achieving greater self-confidence:

1. Own it - Don't wait for it to happen, take charge now. Be responsible for yourself, realizing you have the power to change in your life. Only you can change your self-confidence, make you feel a certain way or control what is happening in your life.

2. Create a plan - Write it down. If you want a new job, brainstorm the perfect job, where you would like to live and work, the best hours, what you are best at, what would you be willing to learn. Go to college, surf the internet and learn as much as you can about your dream job. Keep moving forward towards your goals, even small steps are progress!

3. Stay positive - Display a positive attitude. Don't complain and lead by example. Be positive and give true compliments to others. A positive attitude towards others will bring you positive feedback so your self-confidence continues to grow.

4. Act - Act as though you're confident even if it feels forced. Smile more, act as though you're confident and you will be. Keep your head high, make eye contact with others and smile, smile, smile. This will make you seem more confident to other people.

5. Look in the mirror - Take care of your appearance. Inward beauty is very important, outward beauty is a mirror of what you feel on the inside. Build your self-confidence by dressing nicely, maintaining good posture, smile a lot, exercise and making sure your skin looks the best. Healthy glowing skin radiates confidence.

6. Get a mentor - Build a relationship with a mentor. This person can share insights into the skills used in building and maintaining self-confidence. This person could be your boss or a coach from a gym where you workout. This person should be someone you're comfortable chatting with and who you see as being confident, the type of confidence you want to build within yourself.

7. Speak out - In groups or meetings at work, speak up and speak out. You might feel like you'll say something dumb or off topic. Everybody feels this way. Plan what you want to say and say it! You will become more confident speaking in public and others will look up to you for seeming so self-assured when talking in front of a crowd.