Animals have always been seen as wild and vicious creatures. Some of them even kill just to have something for dinner. But there are also animals that have been tamed by people. Dogs and cats are among these animals. However, these pets still have the instinct to hurt other people when they are threatened. If you want to avoid getting hurt by pets and other animals, here are seven tips you should consider:

  1. Never bother them when they are eating – Animals that are enjoying their meal hate being interrupted. If you do not want a taste of their fangs or their pointed and sharp teeth, just stay away from them.
  2. Stay away from their territory – Many animals, such as dogs, are naturally territorial. Never enter their territory unless you have the owner's permission, or only if they are chained or leashed.
  3. Playing with pets too much may also become dangerous – Some pets get carried away when playing with their masters. You may be surprised if your dog has suddenly bitten you, or your cat has scratched you.
  4. Do not bother their love life – Mating is a primal part of animal life. Never interfere when they are mating or you might be attacked.
  5. Remember that hungry animals are fiercer – When an animal has not yet eaten for days, it will surely exhaust all efforts just to fill his tummy with food. You would not want to get near such an animal, would you?
  6. As much as possible, do not touch or take away from their young – New born animals are always guarded by their mother. If you are not an expert in animal care and behavior, never attempt to take those babies away.
  7. Do not threaten or hurt an animal or pet – If an owner hurts his pet, the animal might take revenge. Besides, hurting animals is prohibited by the law.

Getting hurt is bad, but being bitten by a large animal is much worse. If you do manage to survive the attack, the animal's toxin or poison may still take you to your doom. If you do not want to suffer these things, just follow the tips given above.

Animal attack accidents are complicated cases. Oftentimes, the animal's owner would never take responsibility for his pet's actions. However, under the strict liability principle, owners should be directly liable for their animal's damages. If you get into this kind of situation, you should seek legal assistance. In Los Angeles, there are a number of law firms and attorneys who are knowledgeable when it comes to animal assault cases. Once you have hired a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, your worries would eventually go away.