These small simple steps will literally extend your laptops life expectancy. If you look after your laptop it will last much longer.

Buy an external hard drive to store media files

Clear up Gigabytes of space by storing your movies, songs and pictures on an external hard drive. This excess space will help your laptop run smoother and more efficiently therefore extending its life.

Remove unused programs from your program list

Go to start,  control panel,  programs. Uninstall old programs that are just lying there and taking up unnecessary space. Remove programs that you don’t use or rarely use to clear up space on your laptop. These unwanted programs are being stored unnecessarily.

Use a clean-up wizard

Ccleaner is a tool that is used to clean and remove unwanted files from your C: drive and registry. Every time you surf the net, use programs or type something in, small records of your activity are left behind in memory caches etc. This is unwanted bulk and CCleaner does a great job of clearing it out especially cookies and session data from website browsing.

I generally use CCleaner 3 to 4 times per week.

Install an Anti-Virus and use it.

Get a good anti-virus and scan your entire system at least once a week. This will prevent computer infections and give you peace of mind also. Also ensure that your security settings are high and are turned on especially your firewall.

Physically dust your laptop

An overlooked chore. Literally get a cloth and dust the keypads and screen and entire laptop.

On a yearly basis, if possible, take your laptop to a PC repair shop and have the inside removed of all dust and debris that gets in.

Excess dust blocks the ventilation which heats up the inside and causes the mother board to work harder to cool the laptop down.

Proper Ventilation

 Ensure your laptop is on a flat hard surface and not on your lap all the time. The vents are usually at the bottom of the laptop and blocking them will cause the same effect as excess dust as per tip 5 above.

Start-up programs.

Several programs are pre-set to start when your laptop starts. Some of these you want such as your wireless or touchpad.

However some programs are pre-set to start on start-up which you don’t need. E.g. MS messenger. Programs should turn on when you click on them not at the whim of your laptop.

Show your laptop who is boss and go to start,  run and type ‘msconfig’. This brings up a window, go to the start-up tab and you will see a list of programs selected to start when your laptop does, unselect the ones you know you don’t need.

Alternatively CCleaner has a utility for this very purpose which you can use if you install CCleaner.