Birds of a feather, tweet together
Using Twitter is a great tool for building a following online. It can help you promote your blog and its’ also a fun tool for socializing. But nobody likes to talk to themselves. That’s why you need to gain as many followers as you can on Twitter.
Building up a large following on Twitter isn’t something you can over one night but it can be done by using some easy techniques. These are the 7 essential ways to increase your followers.

1) Follow Others

Find people who share your interests and follow them. Its’ all about networking to begin with. You have a 50/50 chance of being followed in return so go ahead and click that follow button.

2) Update your Twitter daily

No one is going to follow you if they see you haven’t recently updated your Twitter. Post a new tweet every day with useful content to enhance your follower’s experience.

3)Link your Twitter ID anywhere you can

Add your ID to your blog, social networking profiles and post your Tweets as Facebook status updates.
Find useful or interesting links to post on your Twitter

4) Post useful links

Become an authority in your niche by tweeting high quality links. It is ok to post links to your own work, but try to limit how often you do this to avoid coming off as a spammer. Try to maintain a healthy 5:1 mix of other’s content to your own.

5) @reply

Reply to others tweets as often as possible. Try and reply to as many tweets as you can regularly with a  useful response that adds to the conversation. Don’t just post something like “I agree”.

6) Retweet others

When someone posts a tweet that you like, credit them by retweeting the update. You can learn about retweeting at the

7) Add yourself to a Twitter directory

This makes it easy for others to find your profile. You can also find other users to follow at Twitter directories such as: Twellow, JustTweetIt or TwitterLinkUp
Follow these seven steps every day and you will start to see new followers rolling in on a weekly or even daily basis. If you start to see people un-following you, or not following back at all, go back and look at the calibre of your tweets. Is it obvious that you are promoting your own content? Are your @replies relevant and useful? Achieving the right balance is something that comes with practice. Don’t be discouraged, you will see that steady stream of new followers and enormous popularity.