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7 Ways To Increase Horsepower To Your Nissan 300zx (Z32)

In the world of performance and power, there are many aftermarket modifications and gadgets to choose from. Do you own a Nissan 300zx (Z32)? Are you in love with how fast it is and wish it was faster? Here are 7 ways to increase horsepower to your 300zx (z32) that will truly improve the power and performance of your beloved ride.

Nissan 300zx z32 turbo


Cold air intake/induction systems-These intake/induction systems are designed to increase performance by injecting cold dense air into the engine. In some cases a dual cold air intake system maybe beneficial. Consult a qualified  Nissan 300zx tuner to determine if this is feasible for your particular application.

Cold air intake/induction systemPerformance exhaust systemCredit: SIMTECMOTORSPORTS.COM

Performance exhaust systems- Aftermarket exhaust systems are engineered to remove the  gases out of the engine at a more efficient rate than that of stock exhaust systems. This is a critical process in increasing horsepower. The faster the outflow of exhaust, the sooner the engine can intake airflow from the cold air intake, the faster your 300zx will run.

Reducing weight- Carbon fiber hoods, hatches and body kits are available which will help reduce the weight of your 300zx. For every 100 lbs. removed from your 300zx you can expect to regain 11+ horsepower. Removing the rear windshield wiper assembly and replacing the stock seats for lighter aftermarket ones is another great way to reduce weight.

Carbon Fiber Hoods and HatchesCredit: SIMTECMOTORSPORTS.COM

Performance computer chips-  This modification will give you a huge boost in horsepower. Most manufacturers boast a 60 hp gain with a claim of improved gas mileage to boot. This upgrade greatly depends on the experience and knowledge of a qualified Nissan 300zx tuner, who will be writing the program for the performance computer chip.

Cylinder head porting and polishing- This is the process of modifying the intake and exhaust ports by removing cylinder head material. At high speeds air can become turbulent, thick and difficult to move. Porting and polishing will increase smooth and plentiful airflow through your engine.

Port and Polished Cylinder HeadsCredit: SIMTECMOTORSPORTS.COM

Balance the engine- A balanced engine is very important in improving performance and output of your motor. Gain up to 20 horsepower by balancing the rotational assembly which includes; crank pulley, flywheel and clutch assembly.

Proper dyno tuning-  After you have completed the modifications of your choice. The next most important thing to do is a dyno tuning by a knowledgeable dyno tuner. This will optimize the power output of your 300zx (z32) by fine tuning and maximizing power output through the entire rpm range.

Thirsty for more horsepower? Here are 7 ways to increase horsepower to your 300zx (z32). Some of these modifications can be done yourself and others may require the knowledge of a Nissan 300zx (z32) specialty shop. Either way don’t forget to have fun. Good luck with your search for power and we  at simtecmotorsports hope you found this information useful.