Looking for Ways to Meet Other People?

Today's world has been blanketed with various forms of communication technology, from those connecting the internet to those serving phone lines. With this much ways to connect with each other, is there still a need to learn how to make more friends?

Sure it is! As stated earlier, this increase of technology has vastly reduced the distances between cultures and nations. But what many people forget is that these new creations only reduced virtual lines - and therefore it won't diminish the great feeling of meeting and befriending unknown people in real life.

Despite this, there's no reason to abandon the internet, either. Those who managed to strike the delicate balance between these two different worlds will find success more often than those who are only close to one of both virtual and real life.

Picture of a handshake

First Impression is the First Station

Our behaviour and appearance is usually the first sign that indicates whether strangers will keep us company or sail off from our coast. A courteous behaviour is the primary attraction force for other people to choose and judge us, to decide whether we are a nice person or not. It is therefore imperative to make sure that our clothes, face and hygiene looks acceptable in other people's eyes.

A well dressed person is on the correct road to victory, as the adage goes, "Dress to Success". However, this does not mean one have to be innaculately clothed, using shiny leather shoes or always using expensive suits. Reserve those when you are going to formal meetings only. To make friends, using informal dresses would make you more approachable, friendly and making other people more likely to be cheerful around you. That feeling of brightness is important to make sure you feel good to make new relations with strangers.

Form a Treatise and Advertise

Yes, social skills is definitely important and there's always time to sharpen it. To do so effectively attend all sorts of formal and informal gatherings, from weddings, parties, meetings and school reunions. That's the first part. The second part is advertising. Try to be in the middle, figuratively. That is, making yourself known among others. Go to the hot spot of each gathering and talk with other people, blend in with everyone and take part in any activities held by the organisers.

This, however, does not necessarily mean you can charge straight towards the middle of any gathering and start singing loudly! For example, you are browsing the internet when suddenly a large banner appears out of nowhere, demanding you to click on the ad! That's really annoying, and eventhough it does make itself well-known, people would certainly hate it.

Join Other People

There is alot of groups, clubs and organisations out there. You can take part and be involved with their various activities. They always need volunteers, from those that can plan and organise a charity drive to people who are skilled with creating and making sure a party goes well. Not to say that a party needs to be 100% organised, but too much chaos tend to disrupt other people.

If there is little activity around you, for example if you live on the fringes of civilisation, like near a coast, there's always the internet. This series of tubes is littered with various blogs, forums and other sort of online community. As said earlier, if you live on a coastal town, a lot of people will be interested to see serene photographs of a rustic beach house, especially those from big bustling cities where the only chance to tour other place is through pictures on magazines and the internet.

Create Your Own From Scratch

If there's no group to join, take the first brave initiative by forming your own! Find other who share the same interest with you, like photography, writing or fishing. With the advent of the internet there's countless ways to find people with similar interest, create a club and then organise meetings. With these clubs you can exchange ideas, hold discussion to improve skillsets and share opinion with others.

Just try not to be involved with too much clubs. Sure, you may meet a lot of new people everytime, but you'll likely to forgot those who have been with you before. Ensure that you can fully juggle one clubs first before creating another.

Say Nice Words To All or Say No Words At All

If you've just met and started to know someone else, try to refrain from making speculations or gossip about the person, even when the stranger is not in front of you. In an attempt to make more friends, you must make yourself known as the nice guy/gal. This is because rumours can spread much more easier than truths, especially since gossips are somehow a much more favourited way to spread whatever society thinks.

Treat others as you would like them to treat you, and that applies to everyone you've met, whether they will be close friends or not.

Smile Smile and Smile!

This is an extremely easy thing to do, and is the most simple signal to attract others to be friends with you. If you saw other people smiling at you, you can't help but to smile back! This simple act can be effective to arouse curiosity and make other people feel good. Smiling is a nice way to create relations with other people if they are used correctly. So when your friend just got a promotion, celebrated their birthday or completed a difficult feat, remember to congratulate them!

Your Friend's Friend is Your...Friend.

This is also an easy method to know more people. It's much the same way as how Facebook works, where you can clearly see who is your friend's friend in their profile page. Furthermore, through this way it is also easier to know what is their interest and hobbies. Rest assured, someone out there definitely shares the same hobby and interest as you do.

And even if you can't find people with similar interest as yourself, there's no shame in asking your friends to do so. They surely will be glad to link up other people with you. And if your friends did as you requested, don't forget to return the favour!


So how many new people have you met and established a relationship today?