There has been a humongous amount of research on the brain and how one can improve memory. In fact, people who impart these skills have made a fortune for themselves. These skills train the brain in different functions like memory retention using various tools and games. In fact, certain games train the minds of students and help them improve their memory. Schools have started adopting these programs to improve the results of their students.

There are various ways to improve memory for students. The usual ones are that the students need to be attentive to what they are working on. A greater amount of focus and attention increases the possibility of retrieving the information when required. Apart from attention, students need to structure and organise their information so that it is stored in an organised way in the brain. This makes retrieving easy.

A report said that students who study regularly and not in one session tend to remember for longer periods and easily. The reports also say that visualising something increases the memory of that particular information and hence, students should be asked to make photographs and graphs of the information that they have taken.

On how to improve memory for students, some cognitive scientists say that a proper diet and sleep increases memory. Also, students need to exercise their brain to improve its function. This has been scientifically proved and there are various games online that help in exercising the brain.


Besides that, students need to balance work and play. They should not study all the time because then the information is crammed in their heads. Instead, they need to go out with friends occasionally which helps reduce stress and improve the functioning of the brain.

One popular way to improve memory for students is to use mnemonic devices. These devices are kind of clues that help us in retrieving in some information stored in the brain a long time back. These clues can be in the form of visuals, words, sentences or anything else that is easier for the students.

Some schools undergo workshops which are conducted by professionals who help students in memory. These workshops involve students learning certain tricks which they can use not only in school, but in future as well. Such workshops and activities need to be encouraged as students have a lot to take in their initial years in schools and they should get all the help they need.

With the mnemonics now widely known and popular, school curriculums need to have field trips and activities that bring out the practicality of what the students are learning. It helps not only in the exams but in the future as well.

However, there are some factors over which the students have no control and affect memory. One of the major ones is interest. Students who are interested in a certain topic will pay more attention in that particular area and do well but they will struggle in those subjects in which they are not interested at all. Hence, teachers need to make their subjects interesting and fun to engage the students and keep them attentive.

One can find many tips and tricks on how to improve memory for students but they have to be applied with a co-ordinated effort of the schools, teachers and the students.