Are you stuck in a rut or wishing your life was different? Many people at one time or another do wish they were in a different life. Although I cannot give you the fountain of youth I can offer you 10 ways to immediately begin changing your life.

1. It’s Your Life So Act


You know what you want from life but you will not be able to get it by sitting around on the couch playing with yourself. If you want to lose weight then start working out and losing weight. If you want to date a younger woman then get a divorce. It is your life so if you want something to change you need to take the necessary action steps to get it done. Instead of waiting around for your wife to leave you tell her you want a divorce and you want it now. If you want to lose weight then put down then dang candy bar and start jogging. It is your life so it is up to you to act.

2. Don’t Worry Be Happy

Arguing politics and NFL football nonstop may be a great way to pass the time, but in the end you need to realize that you will not change anybody’s opinion, arguing is very stressful, and stress can lead to cardiovascular disease and a shorter life. Forget all the fake drama, quit arguing politics, turn off the Fox News, and go to the beach. Seriously, if you go to the beach, go camping, or whatever you will have a better life. Quit arguing over mindless stuff that you are not going to be able to change anyways and go enjoy life.

3. Don’t Smoke Cigarettes

Here is cigarette smoker who got tires of a lot of damage. From smoker longs to lung cancer you will have a hard time and you will die early. If you’ve never seen some be in the late stages of all the long disease caused by cancer those attract result of smoking then you need to go me somebody like that. When you’re a cigarette smoke reader basically paying a lot of money each month for a habit that is going to cause you have very painful death.

4. Eat Healthier

Initially when you eat healthier it may be very hard for you is especially for use to eating junk food. The more you eat healthier the easy road becomes and the Internet you can find many healthy meals that are also a very delicious. By eating more meals a home that you cut yourself you will be in a much better overall which hope your help out and allow you to live longer. By being healthier you will not be stuck on the couch as a fat person but instead will be able to get outside and meet new people. If you’re looking to meet the dream he may be able to find her on an Internet dating site and or a social networking site however you will increase you chance of meeting the right girl that he can also be done in public in two new activities. Easier to get out public and the new activities you have a better self-confidence over your body image and you can get a better looking money by working out and eating healthier.

5. New Activities

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When people go to College they tend to changes major numerous times. One of the reasons that people often change majors is because their interests change when they are at college because they are exposed to new things they enjoy. An example of this is something that they may have wanted to be as a career such as a job in the medical field as a nurse however once they are at college each student there is forced to take a general education class and so they choose to take a psychology class. The student may get an extreme interest in the psychology class so they take another psychology class. At this point that some people become very intrigued with the idea of studying psychology full-time and going into this field for a career and will change their major to psychology or whatever field they are interested in.

This is a great example of how new activities can change somebody however this case were not looking at you going to college; however going to college may be a new activity that would suit you just fine. An activity however does not have to be extreme such as spending 4-5 years in college. It can be something simpler that will fit your lifestyle easier. Maybe it is a Saturday afternoon and you’re sitting on the couch doing nothing constructive so you decide instead to go to the car races for the first time. You may have these preconceived notions about white trash stereo types of people who may go to car races; however once you see the car races in person you may find that you actually will really enjoy watching stock car races live. You may also be able to meet the woman of your dreams at the stock car races. You’ll never know what can happen in life if you don’t get out and do new stuff.

6. Real Life

Although we live in this society that places much emphasis on technological wonders and our life’s can often seem to revolve around the Internet and other online activities. There’s out the wrong with using social networks such as Facebook however you should be using social networks to help expand your real life social network. Although Internet buddies can be real friends you need to ensure that you are consistently expanding your real life social network by meeting new people and the physical world as opposed to the electronic online world.

7. Help Others

One of the greatest things we can accomplish in our physical life here on earth is by helping others and providing hope. Help can come in numerous forms from helping a new neighbor move in to their new home to play war games with senior citizens at the nursing center. You may allow all homeless people to camp in your backyard for a couple of days where you feed up some steak dinners and maybe even offer him a job to your business temporarily even though you don’t necessarily need the additional help. The Alpha dog syndrome of not always being the leader can be thrown out the window because some of the best leaders in our country are unknown because they gave most of their charitable work in private. People like this don’t donate money to a good cause are volunteer their time simply to get their name mentioned the newspaper these people instead are doing it to help change their life beginning he merely by providing good deeds to other people and the good karma will return to them.