KickboxingOkay guys Mr. Wilson here again to help you through the difficult time ahead of you since that long-term relationship didn't continue.


Like I said in How to Sustain a Long-Term Relationship if commitment is gone than there is nothing left to continue as it was mentioned that passion and intimacy mutates into another level after approximately two years. This saying, commitment is gone and there is no respect, no intimacy, no passion, no pass "Go" and collect your girl.


The next seven articles are going to chronologically help you onto your road of recovery. Sound familiar like this is some sort of an addiction and you are an ex addict? Well think of it as this, getting over a relationship is like weaning yourself off a dependency of having someone always there that like a drug fulfilled some parts of your life.


Now lets move forward, and to do that, you will need some help to get this recovery. Let me share with you, that you might be in shock and may feel that you will be fine. You will be shocked if she cheated or her stuff is all gone. You may feel empowered or a sense of rage and confidence. This will only last for so long and when that enthusiasm dies, so you will feel like when you realise you are alone. If she cheated, you may feel thrown away. If the relationship just fizzled out, you will feel recycled.


Remember I am speaking to those gentlemen that let them self go in a matter of speaking. I am talking to those guys that didn't listen to their partner's needs, too dependent on their partner, talked a good game but in the end, that's all it was and your partner lost interest and trust in what you were all about. I am even talking to you guys that were too good and considered a push over.


The first article will help you through the commitment piece.

Commit To The New You

Remember I said you needed commitment to keep onto that damaged relationship. We still need commitment, we all do. You need to commit to yourself and if you were the "push over" than you need replace her with "You." Commit to "you" is important to bounce back from the crushing end of a long-term relationship. I want you to commit to something that will give you confidence, which will give you results, which will give you the start to the new "you."


WardrobeThe next article will explain how to start something or learn something. Guys, we all need something in our arsenal to make us unique and attractive to women and cool with the guys


Now with our commitment to confidence and maybe kicking ass or running a marathon to having a new talent, I want you to get that cash together and go out and get a new wardrobe. This is key, those old cloths reeked of the ex and to be a real man, you need to drop what makes you comfortable to what makes you feel unsure.


RaiseNow comes the fun part, ask for a raise, and I don't care if you like your job. You succumbed to her will; your ex, to make her happy and you whimpered sometimes too I bet?


After that uncomfortable but awesome challenge of asking for a raise, go out and celebrate to get out of your shell. Party; go out to a club and dance!


Great party eh, now comes an even better party, go for a trip
. I am telling you, get of here and somewhere where its paradise. You have your substitute girlfriend, commitment, you are multi-talented, you look good, you got money and power, you danced the night away, and now you can reward yourself with a trip. GO!!



Trip, HolidayThat was fast and you are already back eh, and so soon it seems. I want you to go twice or at least once a year and make sure to plan the next trip the day you get back from the last. Now, you are the man and you have come along way. Here it comes, go and date, I will suggest these steps to get out there.


Okay everyone, thanks for reading and keep it up!