Things to look at when Trading in Your Car

With gas pricing rising and most of our paychecks staying the same, we need to learn of new ways to save the money in our wallets.  We've skipped the lattes and mochas, we've stopped eating out mulitple times a week and even skipped a movie once a week in order to live within our means.  To take our new frugality even further, most of us have decided to stop driving.  This is a great way to save at the pump, but if you can't stop driving, think of buying another car or trading in the one you have.  Here are 7 tips to help make your purchase or trade in more wallet friendly.

1. Don't load a bunch of stuff into your trunk .  Did you know that every 100 pounds of items in your trunk can lower your gas mileage by as much as 2%./  So lighten your load and keep your wallet fat.

2.  Trade in your heavy SUV for a lighter more compact car.  Heavier cars have bigger rolling resistance and can get 2.0-2.5 fewer miles per gallon. 

3.  Choose a car with a manual transmission.  If you are looking for another car and will be using a freeway or highway often, a manual transmission will use less power, especially when changing gears. In addition, they weigh less , get more miles per gallon and cost less to repair.

4.  Buy your car a compact spare tire and get rid of the heavy one.  They are small and weigh less and leave room in your trunk if you need the space.

5. Avoid a convertible car.  These convertibles look nice and trendy, but with the image comes a lower fuel economy.   Choose a sunroof because you'll need to use your air conditioning less.

6. Don't allow your dog to stick his/her head out the window.  Our dogs love the wind blowing in their faces, they may even feel like they are on top of the world. But the only thing that will be on the top of the world is your wallet.  When they stick their heads out the windows with it down, the air resistance increases.  The best thing to do for your pet is to lower the window enough for them to stick their noses out and feel a breeze.

7. Purchase tinted windows.  They will keep your car cooler and keep you from using your air conditioning, which equals better fuel economy.

There you have it, whether you are looking at buying another car or trading in the one you have, be smart and wise.  Cars are a necessity for many of us, especially us working folks that only see prices rise while our paychecks remain the same.  So shop smart when purchasing or trading in your car and your wallet will definitely thank you for it when you open it up and find extra money inside.