Jumpstart your life today, follow these 7 tips...

It’s common for our lives to need a jumpstart or kick in the pants.  Life ebbs and flows.  Our greatest triumph may quickly be followed by a grueling struggle.  On a smaller scale, it’s easy to get wrapped up in daily events and fall into a personal rut.  It’s times like these when your life needs a jumpstart.  Here are 7 tips for getting your life back on track:

1.  Step out of your comfort zone.  If you’ve been locking yourself up and wallowing in your own self pity, it’s time to get out, doing something fun, and be around people who are a positive influence in your life.  If you don’t feel like you have those people in your life, meet new people.  If you’ve been masking your problems with distractions like partying every night or staying late at work, spend some time alone reflecting and soul searching. 

You’d be surprised at how helpful shaking things up can be.  It will help you clear your head and provide a new perspective to your current problem, but most of all, it will make you remember that there is more beauty in life than you realized.

2.  Get to the root of your problem.  You probably think you know what’s causing all of your unhappiness, but have you gotten to the root of the problem?  You haven’t done enough if you stop at “I’m unhappy with my job”.  Ask yourself “why”.  Keep asking why until you get to the core of the issue.  Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll be better suited to know what you need to do.

3.  Decide what you want, what you really want.  Take 1 aspect of your life that needs to change or 1 goal that you hope to achieve, your most important goal.  Challenge it by asking why questions.  This will help you get something real that you can work towards.  Make this goal your number 1 priority.

4.  Do something every day that gets you closer to that goal.  This is self explanatory, but stick to it and it will work.

5.  Fill your mind with the good stuff.  Less TV, more reading.  Less video games, more conversation.  Less shopping, more nature.  Your mind can only be as healthy as its inputs.  If you spend your time in mindless activities, you will become mindless.  If you train your mind daily, you will reap the benefits for years to come.

6.  Fill your body with the good stuff.  I understand that desire to eat junk food, it tastes good, but take not of how your body feels an hour after you stuffed your face.  It’s not pretty.  Challenge yourself to feed your body with healthy food, and you will see that overstuffed, sluggish feeling disappear from your life.  You will feel 10x better and your future self will thank you.

7.  Give.  Give of yourself, give to others.

Follow these 7 tips and jumpstart your life today!