Fruit helps make water taste better.(102392)Water is essential to our health and well-being, and it's important that we drink enough throughout the day.  Like many others however, I don't personally care for water by itself at all, and it can sometimes be a challenge to make myself drink enough.  I find that since it literally has no taste, it tends to take on the taste of whatever else it touches: the plastic of a bottle, the pipes it came out of, or if it’s a metal container, it sometimes takes on a metallic flavor.   But I also realize the importance of drinking enough water and keeping yourself hydrated, so I've come up with a few tips to help make water taste better:

1. Stop drinking soda and super sugary drinks.  Part of the reason we think water tastes so bland is because we’re used to drinking liquid that has so much unnecessary sweetener and flavor to begin with.  Let your body become thirsty for something that’s good for it.

2.  Make it convenient What’s so nice about cracking open a can of soda is that it's quick and convenient.  Fill water bottles up beforehand and leave them in your fridge.

3. Put fruit slices or herbs in your water.  You can really get creative with this.  I work in a spa and here we offer two different types of water, usually one with lemon slices in it and one with cucumber.  I prefer lemons and cucumber in mine.  Some other ideas might be apples, pears, berries, or star fruit.  You might also want to try adding mint or lavender.  I tried lavender-mint once and it was an unusual combination but good.

4.  Drink carbonated water.  There’s something about fizzy water that just makes it more appealing to me, especially if it’s cold.  I prefer plain carbonated water but you can also get it with some flavor added to it.  Just try to stay away from the ones with sweetener added in it as well.

5.  Dilute your water with juice or syrup.  I will sometimes take fruit juices with a strong flavor (cranberry, or mango/banana/orange, for example) and fill 1/4 of my glass with juice and the rest with water.  This might take some getting used to, but I prefer my juices on the mild side anyways so this wasn’t too hard for me.  You can also purchase flavored syrups at most grocery stores.  These are also good with carbonated water, but use them sparingly as they can contain a lot of sugar.  I found a rose flavored syrup that’s quite good.

6.  Invest in a water filter or filtered water.  This really helps take away any strange taste from tap water.  You can get containers with filters in them, or there are also ones you mount to your faucet.  Growing up my parents also invested in a water cooler and just had bottles of water delivered every month.  Sure it was pricier than water from the tap, but also much tastier.

 7.  Eat it. This isn’t the first or best choice towards staying hydrated, but it’s also good to include foods with a high water content into your diet.  Melons, tomatoes, and cucumbers are all fruits with a high water content.  Greens (spinach, kale, collard) also have a high water content when eaten raw.

One last idea to drink more water in the day is to simply make yourself drink it.  Sometimes in the morning I won't let myself drink any coffee until I down a glass of water.