Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make
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You have been on a weight loss diet, most likely the cabbage soup diet. You have adhered to the weight plan not to mention that you have been regularly exercising. You have even read a number of healthy living magazines in search for some tips for women.

However, when you get on the weight scale, you haven’t lost as much weight as you would have hoped for, despite all the fitness and healthy eating. Chances are very high that you have been making some mistakes hence the slowly or stagnant weight loss. To help you with fast weight loss, here are 7 weight loss mistakes healthy women make and how to make sure you achieve your goal to drop off the extra pounds.

1. If You Count Calories Establish What’s Correct for you…You certainly know this as one of the most important weight loss tips for women. You need to eat fewer calories than you need in order to maintain your desired weight and lose some weight. However, a very few percentage of women get their daily calorie needs correctly.

Most women have a tendency of over or underestimating their calorie intake. If it takes 1,800 calories per day to make you lose your target weight for instance and you consume 2,000 calories the additional 200 calories keeps the extra 20 pounds on your frame. 

To avoid frustrations, determine the right calorie intake for your body. A calorie calculator may come in handy and will go a long way in regulating your daily calorie allowance. Determine limits on the snacks and meals as well. If you want to take in 1,800 calories per day divide it up into 3 equal portions of 500 calorie meals and one 300 calorie snack.

2. If you’re Constantly Active; Review your Routine… If you have been walking to lose weight or on a regular weight loss plan, you will certainly lose some weight. However, despite spending an hour or two walking or making laps at the shopping malls or hitting the gym you only burn about 400 pounds. This is a mere one tenth of a pound.

Research shows that a few minutes of intense and vigorous activities help burn close to 36% more fat as opposed to long walking hours. While walking around the park or shopping mall for one hour every day will make you burn 150 calories, a minute of the same time spend on a more vigorous activity say riding a bike for instance will help you burn more calories. If you choose to swim as a way of losing weight, moving from freestyle to backstroke can help you shed off the extra weight faster.

3. If You Choose Nutrition Foods; Lay Emphasis on Portions… You’re what you eat, so they say. If you are on a weight loss diet, what you consume is very important. This is what determines if you’re ultimately successful in your quest to lose weight fast. Include food portions that will supplement your body with nutrients that you could be lacking from the weight loss diet.

As one an imperative weight loss tips for women, write down what you have to consume if you find it difficult stick to the plan. For those who find weight loss diets tasteless, weight loss supplements will come in handy. You can use green tea weight loss supplements for instance which is a proven and safe way to lose weight fast.

4. Do Your Research in Advance Prior to Making an Order… Have your facts correct before making an order on the “healthiest” food on the menu. Many women make the mistake of thinking that when they eat the “healthy bread” for instance, they save on calories which is often not the case.

Many eating joints provide their clients with nutrition information. Check out if your favorite restaurant has nutrition information online. You may be caught off guard on what you find out. Information shared on one of the popular eatery show that their strawberry banana smoothie has 80 more calories that the strawberry milk shake!

5. Cut on the Portions; Eat the Real Thing if You Want to Satisfy your Cravings… Eating sugar free diets don't translate to healthy eating. In reality the term “sugar free” is meant to persuade you take more of the product! Most fat free food items share the same number of calories as full fat food items. An oat meal cookie for instance has the same number of calories as the fat free version cookie. 

Stick to the diet that has your favorite food items and go for a relatively reasonable amount of the real thing.

6. If you Love Crunches; Remember your Cardio… This is one of the core healthy weight loss tips for women. A good number of women who are on the quest to lose belly fat take a little more crunches and too little cardio. Regardless of how toned your abs are, you won’t achieve a flat belly until you get rid of the top layer of fat on the belly.

It therefore goes without saying that you need to review your calorie burn. In order to lose weight pretty fast, you may have to alternate between easy and high intensity training programs.

7. If you Consume Snacks to Satisfy Cravings; Watch what you Eat… One of the weight loss tips for women state that you watch what you eat to lose weight and stay healthy. Those handful bites of cookies and popcorn could stand in the way of your weight loss program. A recent study showed that women who were mindful of their portion intake ate more calories due to distractions like documentaries or music while eating. It is therefore necessary to avoid distraction during eating time when on a weight loss diet.

Adopt an easy to follow crush diet if you want to lose weight fast. A cabbage diet soup will definitely feature on the list of top crush diets you may want to consider. Does the cabbage diet soup work? It works perfectly on the short term. You may end up losing close to 10 pounds in a week with cabbage diet soup. However, for a long term weight loss, you need to adopt other measures like exercise programs and other healthy lifestyle choices.

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