Best Weight Loss Exercise Routine for Women

Most of us start new exercise routines with a focus to losing weight, but few actually follow it through. Impatience and boredom are the main causes of why many people cannot keep up with their personal commitment towards improving their own health.

Today, it is more important to lose weight while keeping in mind that maintaining good health at an ideal weight is the real challenge. For women, the loss of skin elasticity due to frequent loss and gain of weight is a major concern. Incorporate these seven steps to help you keep motivated through your ups and downs of your detox diet programs.

Find time: Finding time to exercise is a major hindrance especially for women, because they try to balance their time between work and home. This though, is not an excuse. Women have time to spend on sedentary activities that are not related to their jobs or homes, like surfing the internet and read. This means with a little organisation, you can do simple stretching exercise while watching your favourite TV Soap or fit in a 15 minutes walk into your schedule.

7 Weight Loss Motivation Tips To a Better Body

Set realistic goals: Do not expect miracles if you haven't worked out seriously for sometime. Build yourself up slowly. For example, don't over work your system by trying to jog for several kilometers the first time. Start by jogging shorter distances and slowly build up. You may also opt to walk or do yoga for 15 minutes twice a week for the first two weeks and then gradually increase to several days a week or the duration weekly. The idea, is to make you comfortable when exercising.

Managing your hunger: If you are burning calories at a higher rate, you are bound to feel hungry. This is because, exercise boosts your metabolism. Nothing can quench you thirst like water. Munching on snacks is a common turn off. Schedule your exercise in such a way that you have a proper meal after about an hour of your session. This way you can focus on the coming meal and avoid the urge to snack or drink bottled juices.

Take a break: Do not worry too much when you miss your workout. It does not make much of a difference. Just continue when you are ready and comfortable.

Exercise as a group: Most of us have a tendency to quit a diet and an exercise plan within after a few months, but doing these activities as a group can change that. Sharing with others who have the same goal is a great source of staying motivated.

Combine your exercise with something you enjoy: The best exercise for you is the one that you enjoy doing. This is precisely what will help you shed those excess pounds and maintain your ideal weight. If you do not enjoy exercising on a bike tucked on a boring little corner, take it to the living room and work on it while watching TV or listening to your favourite music.

Treat yourself: Straying from your diet once in a while to indulge in a bar of chocolate or high-fat favourite food won't kill you. Do not allow feelings of guilt to discourage your belief that you can stick to the diet. Move on and keep working on your goal.