For many women, losing weight is one of the goals that can occasionally seem unattainable. Sometimes it seems like no matter what steps you take the weight just won't come off, at least not in the way and amount that you want it to. This is because there are proper ways to lose weight that are effective and then there are ways that seem like they would be effective but in reality, do nothing. In fact attempting to lose weight in the wrong way can actually end up just making things worse. Here are seven weight loss rules that every woman must know.

Not Eating is Not a Solution

Simply skipping meals or replacing meals with a small item like toast or weight loss shake will not help you lose weight, at least not in the long term. Any weight that you do lose is likely to come roaring back, often with reinforcements. This is because skipping meals slows down one's metabolism meaning your body will attempt to absorb any food that it can and store it because it isn't getting the right amount.

Crash Diets Don't Work

Have you heard of that new diet? You eat nothing but bananas and yogurt for thirty days and you lose weight! Ok, but what about after that thirty days? When you crash diet in ways like this you will eventually have to go back to normal eating habits. When you do you are likely to gain back any weight that you lost and will be right back where you started. Crash diets simply don't work.

Low Carb is Not a Solution

Eating low carb certainly has its benefits, but to think that this is the end all be all of dieting is just plain absurd. Lowering your carb intake can indeed help you lose weight but only when combined with proper diet and exercise. Simply ordering a lettuce wrapped burger instead of eating it with a bun isn't going to do much other than make you look trendy.

Keep Track of What You Eat

Keeping a list of the things you are consuming in a day can help you get a feel for your dietary habits and help you make changes where necessary.

Eat Balanced Meals

Simply cutting out one part of your diet or restricting yourself to a few food items isn't going to do much for you. Any weight you lose is likely to come back. Your best bet is to develop a well-balanced meal plan that is healthy and nutritious, taking into account the Food Pyramid's recommended daily servings of each food group.

Cut Down on Nighttime Snacking

Eating before bed is one way that people end up gaining weight. Your body has no way to burn off calories if you eat before going to sleep because you aren't up and active. Cutting down on your midnight snacking can help you lose weight.

Diets are Good, Exercise is Better

No diet can be 100% effective without a little bit of exercise to. Take some time at least 3-5 (or more) days a week to get out and get active.