7 Wonders is a great game published by Asmodee, and the basic game can be played with 3-7 players. Once everyone has the hang of how the game plays, it usually takes 20-30 minutes to play, not matter how many people are playing. This is possible because everyone takes his or her turn at the same time. This game is fast paced, and although there is some luck to the game, there are enough decisions that you can make that can win you the game most of the time if you play well. So let’s talk about what the game is about and some of the basic rules.

The objective is to build a civilization over the course of three ages, and each age is made up of cards that you lay down in front of you. Every card that you lay down is some type of structure that is used to make your civilization more powerful and worth more points. Cards are different colors that represent different types of buildings that help you in a specific way. In the beginning, everyone receives one of the Ancient Wonders of The World that they can build throughout the game to give them certain bonuses. At the end, whoever has the most victory points wins.boxCredit: http://www.amazon.com/Asmodee-SEV-EN01ASM-7-Wonders/dp/B0043KJW5M

You begin by randomly giving each person a wonder that they place in front of them. Next, the cards for the three ages are shuffled and separated into their three age piles, and every player gets three coins. The game is designed to have cards added or removed from each deck based on how many people are playing. There should be enough cards in each pile so that everyone gets seven of them each age. The designated dealer for the age deals seven cards to each person. Once everyone has their hand, they choose a card to play, and then pass their hand to the right or left (depending on what age you are in). Once everyone has made their pick, they reveal their cards, and pick up the pile that was passed to them that now has six cards. Everyone keeps doing this until they get down to two cards, at which point they play one, and then discard the last. This makes it so that normally each player will play 6 cards from each round (age).

 Once the age ends, players add up their military strength (represented by red military cards), and winners get victory point tokens, and losers get minus victory point tokens. Then the age two cards are dealt, and the process begins again. Once the second age is done, you complete the military step again, deal the third age out and complete the process again. After age three is done, you do one last military step and then add up everyone’s victory points, with the winner having the most.layout 1Credit: http://islaythedragon.com/misc/shelf-wear-1-a-seasoned-look-at-7-wonders/

 The different color cards you can get in the game are brown (raw material structures that give you resources to buy other structures with), grey (manufactured material structures that give you specialized goods to buy structures with), blue (civilian structures that are worth straight victory points), yellow (commercial structures that help you financially), green (science structures that you collect and get awarded victory points at the end of the game for the sets of them you have), red (military structures that have a certain number of shields on them that add strength to your civilization), and purple (guild structures that give you bonus points for having the types of cards listed on them).

 Once you get your hand of cards, you can choose to lay down a card if you can afford it, discard it for three coins, or turn it over to build a stage of your wonder to get the bonus it gives you. It Is important to stick with a base strategy, and keep an eye on what other people are dong. Sometimes it is a better idea to discard a card you know someone else needs than it is to play something for yourself and pass it on. People who stick to their base strategy, but do not forget to diversify score the highest points in the board game. Players who overwhelmingly play one type of card lose.layout 2Credit: http://www.amazon.com/Asmodee-SEV-EN01ASM-7-Wonders/dp/B0043KJW5M

I love 7 Wonders and it is so nice to have a game with good strategy that does not take very long. I have played it with 10-12 year olds, my friends, and with older members of my family and they all love it. End game scoring is a bit tedious, and since there is usually such a small difference between the top scores (literally like 1-3 points most of the time when I play), everyone is watching the scorekeeper like a hawk. The game comes with a pad to score everyone with, however there is a lot of scoring and definitely my least favorite part of the game.

 One thing I did, is buy the 7 Wonders app for IOS that scores everything for you AND keeps a ton of individual and overall game statistics and is very cool. I almost won’t even play the game without it. It is some extra cash money, but I think it makes everything go much faster and is essential if you like to play multiple games.

 How about you? Have you played this game before? Please comment and let me know your experience with the game!