Rheme Marvanne A Star is Born in a Little 7 Year Old Girl

The first time I heard this beautiful little girl sing, I was totally thunderstruck, how could such a small little child be blessed with an angelic voice like that. Her name is Rhema Marvanne, and she is no different than any other 7 year old little girl, who loves to play with her playmates, has stuff animals, watches cartoons, and plays dress up.

At the young age of 3 years old, Rhema found out her mom had Ovarian Cancer, so Rhema and her mom made the most of the time spent together between chemo, radiation treatments and surgeries, building as many pleasant memories as much as they could, and at the tender age of 6, she eventually lost her mom to the Ovarian Cancer on 11/08/08.

But Rhema wanted to live on through her mother, who was a very kind, caring person and a wonderful mother. So Rhema sings through her heart with joy and praise for her mom and God above. Rhema sings gospel songs like The Lord's Prayer, Rhema Singing Amazing Grace, The Prayer, Jesus Loves Me and Rhema Singing National Anthem.

What a wonderful little girl! Hope you enjoyed viewing her videos as much as I have.

Fame to Soon

One thing I worry about with pushing children to stardom to soon, does it bring on anxiety having to perform for an audience, picture shows, or do they really just want to be a children and play. Does stardom creates pressure. I realize some children were born with it in their blood, to become entertainers, but even so, children need someone to help them keep this under control. The perfect role model and manager is a parent that has the skills set to juggle both. A child doesn't know how to balance fame; it is a very difficult task, so having adult supervision is an absolute must.

Consequences of No Management

When a child achieves fame to soon, there is the constant pressure of the media always viewing the Child's progress, watching his or hers every move, always scrutinizing, ridiculing. A child having no parent, or aunt, uncle to help juggle the craziness of the entertainment lifestyle can lead that child as she or he grows up into a young adult, and then that young adult deals with the everyday pressure of stardom with drugs, or alcohol, or even suicide.

So remember parents, if you have a little childprodigy, be there for them, help them set goals and guidelines to follow, so there isn't any restrictions in learning and in fun for them as a child.