Growing plants hydroponically has never been so easy!!

Wouldn’t it be great to have fresh herbs to cook with from your very own hydroponics garden? There are many herb plants that thrive in a hydroponics garden and can provide you with fresh herbs throughout the entire year.

Are you new to hydroponics gardening and want to give it a try, but you don’t know what plants to start with? Here is a list of 7 plants that grow very well in a hydroponics garden. These plants are very hardy and easy to grow in a hydroponics garden and will give you a good starting point into this great hobby.

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Mint grows very well in a hydroponics garden because it uses lots of water. Mint is a very hardy plant that grows very fast giving you plenty of leaves to cook with. Another advantage with mint is that it does a great job at keeping bugs, insects and rodents away from your garden which helps protect your other plants from these pests.

Mint(107701)Credit: Zach Beauvis


Another plant that grows easily in a water garden is chives. Chives require little space to grow and can grow year around. Chives like mint tend to repel insects which also help to protect your garden.


Basil can also be grown throughout the year as long as it is kept inside during the winter, and a hydroponics light is used to give it plenty of light. Basil tends to grow very rapidly and is very productive.  


Rosemary(107704)Credit: Ozchin

It is also possible to grow rosemary, but it will take a little more effort. The main thing with rosemary is to keep it trimmed back since it is a bushy shrub. That is basically the biggest problem with growing rosemary, if you keep trimmed back it will do just fine in an hydroponics garden.


A member of the mint family, thyme is another hardy herb that grows very well in a water garden. Thyme needs full sunlight, or a fairly bright indoor growing light. Thyme has long been cultivated for both sweet herbs and as an ornamental since it produces small lavender and pink flowers.

Thyme(107702)Credit: Erutuon


Also known as wild marjoram, oregano is a hardy shrub like rosemary that will need to be kept trimmed back to prevent it from growing to large for its container. You can stimulate foliage growth by cutting back the flowers.


Yet another easy to grow plant, parsley is also called rock celery, and is considered one of the world’s seven most potent disease fighting spices along with red chili peppers, ginger, cinnamon, sage, oregano and turmeric. Curley parsley and Italian parsley both grow very well in a hydroponics garden.

Parsley can be grown from seeds or you can use seedlings bought at the store. Parsley can grow in the shade, but it grows a lot better in full sunlight.


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All of these plants can be grown together in the same hydroponics garden. They work together to keep the insects and rodents away from the garden helping you keep the pest problem at a minimum. This helps reduce one of the biggest problems that you are likely to encounter when you start your own garden.

They all like the full sunlight, or a fairly bright growing light. Use a growing light with a minimum of 600 watts HID or metal halide light bulb, or if you are using a LED light, the LED bulbs should be one watt minimum each.

The fertilizer ratio is also about the same for them which should make it a little easier for the beginner. Most of these plants are hardy enough that they can tolerate a wide N-P-K range giving you some room for error.