The issue of sexual abuses in children have gradually taken another dimension and needed to be thoroughly checked by parents and guardians, government and non-governmental bodies and the society at large. In several reports and stories, we may have come across cases of child abuse of which 70% of them are sex abuses. So in this article will be carefully revealing the various chances of sexual abuse in children and the perfect ways of fighting against this scourge in our society today.

A child is said to be sexually abused when he or she is molested sexually; that is a child being touched or careless obsess of the mental feeling which in turn remaining a play back scene in the life of the child. Thus the psychological mind of the sexually abuse child is readily affected here.

When a child faces such kind of abuse for several times, he or she may lack certain character which inhibit optimum performance in mental health and sometimes experience abnormal sex life. The child feels cheated, molested and different from the rest of the other children.

This menace continues in maturity of the child, creating a high rate of wrong habitual sex life leading to masturbation, raping, pornography, indulging in gay life style and other psychologically associated problems.

The wrong use of sex brought about its abuses. Child sexual abuses can be said to be in existence especially in schools or in the gathering of little children either in a social or even in a moral classes, and at homes where little or no parental care exist. The culprits of this type of crime have either tasted divorce, rejected by sex partners, not compatible with any, devoured by pornographic movies, not satisfied with their sexual life or are psychological disturbed thus, not morally fit to stay with kids less they prey them. They are regarded as child sex vampires and always looking for opportunity to devour the younger ones.

Now that we have touch lighted the predators in child sex abuses and their features, we can deliberately discuss on the seven good ways to tackle the problems of child sex abuse in our respective homes and the society at large.

Find quality time to spend with your child

One of the major ways of restricting child sex abuses by their killers is by learning to be closer to your children. In fact, it is on record that child that stays closer to their parents and wards live a more fulfilled lifestyle than child trained away from home or as a result of the parents being away from home. Basically, children need the parental support in all ramifications. Parents should rather be the first teacher and thus it is the primary role of the parents and wards to educate and inculcate sound moral teachings to their child and thus ensure he or she does not miss the track. Having time is something so vital in child care. Loss the time in exchange for other business time and see your child inflicted morally. Having good time with your child is so precious and needed for the welfare of the child. It is from here that we deduct this saying from the bible passage which says; 'train up a child in the way he/she should go, and when he/she grows he/she will not depart from it'. My great advice is that parents and wards should do their possible best to fix a reasonable moment in their time table to chat with their child and inculcating sound teachings that would form their basic foundation in life.

Engage your child in outdoor activities

Most parents who lock up their children at home end up training them in a way these children think they are imprisoned. It is obvious and not surprise to have these children misbehave and sometimes appear timid when they interact with their peer groups or are rather taught evil because they feel inferiority complex due to lack of exposure from onset. Engaging your child in outdoor activities is something very spectacular to follow up. A growing child needs to explore and witness events away from home. Parents should engage their children in extracurricular activities where they learn how to express themselves, learn certain arts from exhibitions, games, culture, language, and other interesting facts gearing towards building the child's fitness in life. Parents should do the work of explaining certain things to the child during the outdoor events to avoid allowing the child go off the track.

Ensure your child is always engaged in good works

Set your child's time table and see that he or she is always busy with one good work or the other. Teaching a child to tidy up his or her bed, clean the rooms and the toilets is not so much to be equalled to main labour. This should be the basic things the child should learn from the age of 5 and above. Besides, the child should be helped in his or her class work and other related assignment at home. Parents should allow them practice what was being taught by them or by their teacher at school to enable them know how far and how well has developed from the knowledge.

Study the environment of your child

Like I said earlier, training up a child is a major responsibility of every parents and guardians but in this case the environment where a child is trained matters a lot. For example if you train up a child in a ghetto or close to motels where sex workers roam about every hour of the day then it is likely the mind of the young child is preoccupied with those scenes he or she must have captured in one moment or the other. Again, if you have adult people living with you and believe the idea of satisfying their sexual pleasure through watching of pornographic contents, movies and magazines, then the child will perceive a difference and abusive idea of approaching sex. The earlier the parents finds out the environment is contributing to a high risk of child sexual abuses, the better they decides the best option of either leaving the area or finding a lasting solution to it. This decision should be taken seriously by parents and guardians less the child go off the track.

Examines who interacts with your child

Apart from studying the environment where you train up the child, you are charged to understand the various characteristics of people your child interact with. Those people can appear as neighbours in the same compound, friends in the working places, church members or religious group members and the likes. Be able to regularly interview your son to explain any suspected interaction or moves by any guests. The child is so open in telling what happened and how it happened and so you should always tune your child to play back what you feel happened when you were not there.

Monitor your child even while away from home

Parents should device a means of watching what their children do while with them and most especially while away from home. A parents should study the child's movement may be visit them while at school and be able to keep records of their child's behaviour. The parents should be scientific to know any slight change in behaviours of that child and work towards finding out what caused it. Always get the information of what your child is doing at home and while away from home. Thanks to the modern technology gadgetry like the cell phones, computers and recording web cams. You can carve out plans on what to do to check out where and what your child is doing from time to time.

Invite God to do the rest

This practice should come in the beginning and at the end of its all. When parents understand the fact that the child given to them needed divine protection and providence, then they can call upon God to assist in the raising of the child and protecting them against child sex vampires. In this case, it is quite clear to understand that man is never ubiquitous but God is omniscience and knows it all. Beseeching God in all is the beginning of wisdom. Talking to your God in prayers will surely crown your effort hence you devote yourself to him in thanksgiving and prayers and I can assure you he will do it all.