Hiring a personal injury lawyer is something you must do if you’re ever involved in an accident and suffer personal injuries. There are lot of personal injury lawyers out there. To select the right on for your case you need to ask him few questions first. It will be easy to hire personal injury lawyer if know what are the right questions to ask and the answer  can be assuring to you that you found the right lawyer.            

Once you hire a personal injury lawyer he starts working for you, so you should be in control of the interview process. First thing you should do is select few lawyers from online ads, phonebook list and the ones that were recommended to you by people you know and start asking question before giving them control of your injury case.

These are the question you need to ask him or her:


1  Does he have a state certification as a civil trial lawyer?

It’s highly recommended that he is certified as a Civil Trial Lawyer.


2   Did he ever tried personal injury cases in front of juries and how many?

If your lawyer has tried personal injury cases in front of jury can only be an advantage for you and your case.


3.  What percent of law firm’s revenue comes from personal injury cases?

If will ask this question you will know how much experience does a law firm ha in handling personal injury cases. The higher the percentage coming from personal injury case the better.


 4.   Did he ever handled cases similar to yours, and if yes what is his average recovery? 

This is very important question because lawyers usually specialize in many areas of the law. By asking this question will can be assured that you will have great legal representation if your lawyer has handled many cases similar to your with great success.


 5. Does he have a trial attorney certification or is a member of organization that focuses on injury victims?

It’s very advisable to make sure your lawyer is certified as a trial attorney by a attorney organization that focuses on personal injuries. If he is not you should reconsider do you want to hire him.


6.  Do you prepare for trial by hiring trial consultants and other experts to help you? 

It is in your best interest to hire a lawyer that prepares each case for trial by jury if necessary. These lawyers have the respect of the insurance companies. Insurance companies know that these lawyers are experienced, competent and willing to take the case to a trial by jury to get a fair settlement for their clients.


7.  Does he advances expenses of litigation? 

If the lawyer does advance expenses  can be damaging for your case, because if you are unable to cover the expenses to go through the case, it will mean out of court settlement  which will result in less compensation for you. Therefore it is advisable to find lawyer that advances all costs.


Hiring the right personal injury lawyer for your case can make the difference from getting a fair settlement and not getting a fair settlement. The best way to find the right lawyer is by asking the right questions.