Do you want to start a small business online? Do you have a local business store; do you want to increase your sales by taking your business online? You already have an online business but want to reach out to a large number of users. Then look no further, yahoo web hosting can satisfy all your business needs online.

Yahoo web hosting primarily caters to business needs. If you ever visited Yahoo's hosting site, then you should know that the Yahoo hosting package is designed for small businesses

Yahoo web hosting- 7 things it can offer your business

  • An eye-catching and professional looking website ready in minutes. Using the Yahoo sitebuilder software you can have your website up and running in minutes. Even if you are completely new to web designing, with this software setting up a website is relatively easy. Yahoo hosting allows you to develop websites that are centered on your business needs and the products you are selling
  • For any small business to be successful traffic plays a vital role. Yahoo hosting provides you the detailed tracking results, which you can analyze and act accordingly to boost your sales. When you choose yahoo web hosting your site is automatically submitted to all the popular search engines. The services offered by Yahoo hosting also include detailed keyword reports and backlinks tracking.
  • One of the unique features offered by yahoo webhosting is a 75 dollar Microsoft Advertising adCenter credit and 50 dollar Google AdWords credit. Can you think of any other webhosting company that offers such freebies? When you go for yahoo web hosting you also get 30% off on Yahoo! Local Enhanced Listings giving your business a head start and more visibility
  • Yahoo has a round the clock customer support for their yahoo hosting users. They also provide detailed manuals and help guides to help you tackle any issues .Yahoo also has a number of video tutorials to familiarize you with their hosting procedure. Any time you face an issue with yahoo hosting they are ready to help with their round the clock email and toll free phone support
  • Yahoo web hosting offers you amazing multimedia features. Uploading of photos and videos is very simple. The site builder software provides you with a basic map regarding the placing of various items like images, HTML codes on your webpage. With yahoo hosting your website would look great with the right thing at the right place
  • Yahoo makes use of top notch and powerful servers to host websites. The downtime of your site would literally be zero. Yahoo being a respectable company, when you opt for yahoo hosting you can be assured that your website won't disappear overnight leaving you stranded. If your website collects personal details then the SSL certificate and data encryption methodology used by yahoo webhosting should give you the assurance that sensitive customer data is safe
  • In addition to the above features yahoo hosting provides you with unlimited storage space, unlimited file transfers and unlimited email storage. The pricing structure for the yahoo webhosting package is also unique where the price charged is less when hosting is for longer durations. A number of such features are offered at affordable prices

If you are a small business owner I am sure you would like to spend more of your time expanding your business and increasing your sales rather that learning HTML and web designing. When you choose yahoo hosting you get things done efficiently and quickly. So get going, start and expand your business and let Yahoo Hosting work its magic for you.