This past week Montreal was hit with over a foot of fresh snow. The snow fell all day Wednesday. When I woke up Thursday morning I couldn't see out my bedroom window. Snow had been pilled up high enough that it blocked the light coming in. I called in sick on Thursday. I plan on calling in sick on Friday. There was no way I was going to work. During the week is always the best time to hit the slopes. There is less traffic getting there and less people crowding up the mountain. I was on the slopes all day on Thursday. At about 4:30 it was starting to get dark so I headed down to the bar. I wasn't driving so no problem right? This was a perfect day so to speak.

Now after a few more hours at the bar it was getting late and the idea of finding a nice place to stay in Mont Tremblant was becoming a problem. Sleeping in a car in the middle of winter in one of the coldest countries on the planet is not a smart idea. I wish I had an iPhone. Then I could have checked online if there was a motel or a Mont Tremblant condo available or something. The designated driver had just finished his second pitcher. For anyone who has slept in a Ford Taurus you have an idea of what I'm talking about. For anyone who has slept in a Ford Taurus with three other people in the car in the middle of winter then you might have been in the car with us. Here are a few tips for people who end up sleeping in a car in winter after spending the day riding.

ford taurus interior1. Use your jacket as a blanket. You have been wearing your jacket all day and chances are it smells bad and is drenched in sweat. Take it off and let it air out but also it let you be a sleep more comfortably.
2. Take your boots off. Just like jacket it smells and is full of sweat. You need to let your feet breathe a little; otherwise there can be major muscle problems.
3. Cover your head and groin. There is a myth that you lose most of your body heat through your head. You don't, its your arm pits and groin. You do need to cover your head though because it does help you sleep. It will help cushion your skull a little when you're resting it on a stiff back seat of a Ford Taurus.
4. Don't eat food that you know will make you fart a lot before going to bed. One of us had Mexican food for lunch. The car smelt like a combination of chipotle sauce, cheese and old eggs the next morning.
5. If you wake up during the night and have to pee, don't just go in an empty water bottle and leave it in a cup holder then forget about it. People will make fun of you for a long time for doing that.
6. Finally, when you do wake up in the night, open the windows for a few minutes to clear the air the car. Air will get stale quickly and humidity will fog up then freeze. Using an ice scrapper on the inside of your car the next morning is a skill few have mastered.
7. always bring extra socks with you. They come in handy. Trust me. For almost anything.

Well we got to ride the next morning and when the day was done we headed straight back to Montreal. I really wish I was more charming and could have talked a nice girl into letting me sleep on her couch. Maybe next time.

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