How to love yourself


Changing your state is so easy. I truly mean it when I say that you don’t have to work very hard to be the best YOU possible. It’s already there! Inside of everyone is a whole, complete, perfect angel. All you have to do is to tap into your true self and start living your life. Here’s some ways to boost your self-esteem, so that you have all the confidence you need.


  1. Exercise! Regardless of what you want to weigh, a good solid exercise routine will boost your mood, make you feel responsible and give you a rooted strength to tackle anything that dares cross your path.
  2. Change your body language! Many actors use this as a technique to challenge certain emotions. Try this: Push your shoulders back; imagine your feet as roots stuck in the ground; imagine a golden thread connected to the middle of your head to the sky, which holds you upright; imagine a golden glow in your lower belly (if female) or chest (if male); smile; breathe deeply…Feels good right?
  3. Smile at a random person on the street! At first, this might feel weird, but you will get better at feeling more comfortable at it with practice. Seeing that you’ve gifted the other person with a smile will send so much love and pride into your chest. You will feel happier than you have ever been. Trust me J
  4. Do a random act of kindness for someone! Sending a quick note expressing love and devotion to someone close to you will make them feel extremely powerful. To give you some quick ideas, you could bake someone something warm and sweet, give money to the homeless, do a chore you’re not supposed to do, or tell someone they’re beautiful. It will open your heart.
  5. Make a list of 3 things to do for tomorrow! Focus on each one with all your energy and prepare for the relaxing, responsible surge of self-esteem that follows.
  6. Work on your appearance! There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re groomed to perfection. People will treat you better too.
  7. Increase your standards in every aspect of your life! You know you’re worth this! Let go of any guilt and demand that you deserve more in life – you must earn a better salary; you must dress to impress; you must eat the very best food life has to offer; you must live in the best places society has created for you. There are many luxuries in this life: Use them!


Choose one point from above and start working it into your daily routines. Soon enough you’ll feel exactly how you should: happy.