New Relationships can lose the fire over time. Try out these seven techniques to re-ignite the spark in your relationship

Things You Will Need

The only thing you will need is an imagination and your significant other!

Step 1

Make it Fun Raising your partners emotional state outside the bedroom with fun things to do. Often times the routine of life can wear out any relationship. Sign up for couple events. You can try running, dance classes or karaoke event. Anything fun and competitive you can do together will improve communication and raise the sexual heat some.

Step 2

Re-live the Past We often time forget the reason we are together. Revisiting moments or places that help shape the relationship is helpful. This will help with the emotional side of things. When she knows you care about the past, it will in turn make the new memories more intense and pleasurable for you her.

Step 3

Touch Her Cuddling and body contact will decrease the more we become familiar with our partners tricks. Daily contact and post-sex cuddling always helps. Another proven technique is the massage - aim for the back, feet, and hands to stoke your partners fire.

Step 4

Let GO Sometimes in a relationship patterns of dominance can form. One partner will feel that they cant truly expressive themselves in a way that is comfortable for them. If you are the dominate one in your relationship, letting go and letting them take the lead can also lead to feeling of togetherness. Other technique that helps is role-playing.

Step 5

Re-invent yourself One of my favorite books is the 48 laws of power. Law 25 is title re-create yourself. The law basically breaks down to this - don't be a bore. Craft your image and never let your partner tell you how you must perform or act. So become larger than life sometimes, explore new area's of your city or learn a new skill then surprise your mate with your new discoveries. Sometime this is all you need to kill that all familiar feeling we get from the daily routine

Step 6

Learn new positions There are over 64 sexual positions. How many do you perform? Simply learn new positions to bring the excitement back. We fall into the rut of the same "porn" moves. There are several ways to fan the flame. Learn new love making techniques or positions to re-ignite your flame.

Step 7

Take a break After we learn all the hot buttons with our partner, sex becomes more sprint than marathon. TAKE A BREAK. Remember Foreplay, stretch it out for a couple of days before the actual act of love making.
These seven steps are not the only way to re-ignite or even bond more. I just find that they work for me and they can work for you. I hope you enjoyed my article

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