So I'm sitting here right... actually lying here, on my bed, actually on my mothers bed, anyway I'm trying not to go to sleep because I am very interested in browsing the web consuming completely useless information, but information that is non-the-less is very much amusing.  Any-who I googled it right.. because that is where one turns to when they are searching for answers.  So, here ya go, Seven Tips that Can Help You Stay Awake Too!  Ready... 

1)  Use that big thing.. right under your eyeballs, your nose.  When you smell scents (especially strong ones) it stimulates your nervous system, which inturn helps you stay aleart! Rosemary, peppermint, and coffee are suppose to be good ones. 

2) Drink lots of water, untill you have to go pee, and then see how long you can hold it.  I'm experimenting with this one right now.... ugh!  It's hard to do... but I am determined to finish this article before I take a trip to the lou. 

3) Exercise! flex something.  Move something.  Go for a brisk walk.  Getting your heart rate pumping will tell your body it is time to go! However, exercising will increase your body teperature followed by a decrese in body temperature, which in turn could make you sleepy.   So maybe just use this one as a last resort right before you konk-out. 

4)  Coffee. Enough said. 

5) Make yourself uncomfortable.  Try sitting up really stright with your back against the wall and then try to climb up the wall using your feet to exert force aganist the ground. This technique works really good.  I remember as a kid, on the way home from sports games me and my friends would play a game called freez-out.  Basically you each stick your hands on the roof a car, while it is in motion and see how long you can last.  I definitely recomend trying this when you are sleepy... and in the Winter time preferably.  It will wake you right up.  I promise. 


6) Listen to some rockin music.  A good beat could put you in the right mood.  It could not only wake you up, but get you excited about being awake!  Music is one of thoes cure-alls, it's an instante lift to your soul.  Surely after you listen to your favorite tune you will be ready to crank out another five hundred words. 

7)  Talk to a friend.  Tell them you are trying to stay awake.  If they are a good friend they will help you.... And I hope this article helped you also!

Good luck!