When I started my very first business I knew that there would be a possibility that people would be calling me for more information about my products and services. Thankfully I was smart enough to look into 800 business numbers before starting up.

800 business numbers are basically toll free numbers that are linked to your regular cell phone or landline phone number. When a prospective customer calls the 800 number your phone will ring. You can set the toll free number so that when you get a call your 800 number will display in the caller ID of your regular phone (cell or landline). This way, you'll know that you're getting a business call.

There are a number of conveniences involved when you get an 800 business number for your small business:

Conceal Your Real Number

If you're a small business person who uses his cell phone or home number to conduct business, it's not always a good idea to give out your personal phone number to potential clients. Do you really know these people? If you meet someone on the street while networking and pass him your card, how do you know they're actually a potential client and not some type of scammer or other unscrupulous person? It's best to have one or two 800 business numbers for people to contact your company instead so that you can protect your personal information.

Block Unwanted Callers

One other benefit of having 800 business numbers is that you can block unwanted callers to your business. What if you get an annoying client who is extremely demanding and decides to call you several times a day? What if you have an unhappy client who decides to call and complain about issues all the time? What about a relentless salesperson who won't stop calling and trying to sell you on some type of product for your business? If they have your home number good luck shaking them off. With an 800 number you can go into your online settings, type in the customer's phone number under your "blocking" features and not have to hear from them again. They'll hear a perpetual busy signal or "doo doo doo…this caller is unavailable."

Voicemail Comes With 800 Business Numbers

In addition to routing callers to your cell phone or landline, you can also send them directly to a voicemail system set up specifically for your small business. Instead of your regular personal voicemail message, which might be silly or unprofessional, they'll hear "Thank you for calling ABC Company. We're sorry we missed your call…." This goes a long way in making your small business appear more professional and legit to potential customers, even if you're fairly new on the scene.

It's Cheap!

There are some online toll free services that offer 800 business numbers (including 800, 888, 877, or 866 numbers) for as little as $2 per month. The per minute rate is very low. I pay about $10 a month for all of my toll free numbers in one, I receive my business calls seamlessly (it's all very professional), and I don't get bothered by anyone. It's a beautifully simple and resourceful tool for any savvy small business person.