There are literally hundreds of 80s Halloween costume ideas that you could execute during the next 31st of October; however, there are only a handful of them that can actually be considered as being good! The best costumes from the 1980s are easily recognizable, and will not cost you much money. Whether you are buying it from a Halloween costume store or simply gathering costume accessories to make it yourself, the most that you should spend is about $40!

I know that there are a ton of Halloween costumes that have price tags that exceed $80; however, those are simply overpriced. It doesn’t cost the manufacturer more than $12 to make any Halloween costume, whether it is from the 1980’s or the 21st century. With that being said, $40 is more than enough to expect to be paying for your outfit!

Dressing Up In A Madonna Costume-Like A Virgin

Madonna was one of the iconic figures from the 1980’s, so she pretty much forms the perfect 80’s Halloween costume for women. There were a lot of her songs that made it big on the Billboard charts, but “Like A Virgin” became popular in the 80’s, and was by far the biggest one! Whether you are heading to an 80s costume party or going trick or treating for Halloween, you should think about dressing up as this female pop star!

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With that being said, you can make your own do-it-yourself Madonna Halloween costume to represent what she wore for her Like A Virgin video!

All that you need is:1980s Women`s Pop Star Costume-MadonnaCredit:

-A lot of makeup around your eyes. Madonna always wore plenty of eye makeup for her Like A Virgin performances, so you should wear some while dressing up as her!

-Lace fingerless gloves

-Dirty blonde wild hair. Use lots of hairspray and let it go nuts!

-Dangling earrings

-A top that reveals your bust!

-Leggings and black ankle boots!

Combine all of the above articles, and you will have made yourself a do-it-yourself like a virgin costume. You will be dressed as Madonna for Halloween, and it will have only cost you about $30!

Wearing A Flashdance Costume

Flashdance was the most famous movie throughout the decade. The combination of singing and dancing allowed it to grow in popularity throughoutFlashdance Costume With Headband And Leg WarmersCredit: the years! With that being said, dressing up as one of the Flashdance characters is one of the easiest 80s costumes to make! There are only a few key items that you must include in your costume:

-Leg warmers (preferably black)

-A workout leotard

-An oversized sweatshirt with a neck cut out so that it hangs over one shoulder

These three items will literally complete your 80s flashdance costume, and you may even have some of them in your closet! With that being said, one key factor to really pulling off this costume is the sweat that was dripping off of her head every single time that she was dancing.Michael Jackson Beat It Costume-Red Leather Zipper JacketCredit:

Be a maniac on the dancefloor, and try dancing as flashdance for Halloween!

Michael Jackson Costume From Any Of His Videos Is Ideal...Pop Culture At It`s Finest

Michael Jackson was literally the pop icon throughout the 1980s! I am not exaggerating when I say that he was the most respected singer and dancer of the decade.

One of the things that mMichael Jackson Thriller Costume-Red Leather JacketCredit: Amazon.comade him awesome was the fact that he wore a different outfit for every single music video and performance!  Some of the key Michael Jackson Halloween costumes to choose are:Michael Jackson Costume-Black Military Jacket From Music VideosCredit:

-The red leather jacket that MJ wore in his Beat It video. It specifically had grey pads on the shoulders.

-The shiny red jacket and pants that Michael wore during his Thriller performance. The pants were all red, but the jacket had V shaped black stripes on it.

-The red or black military jacket that Jackson was caught wearing in a few of his videos.

There are a ton of 80s Halloween costume ideas to choose from, and many oLarge White Suit From Miami ViceCredit: Amazon.comf them have to do with dressing up as a famous person from the era. However, any of these three Michael Jackson outfits will literally be perfect for a 1980’s costume party or simply Halloween night!

Detective Crockett Or Detective Tubs From Miami Vice

Choosing one of the two detective from Miami Vice is one of the best things that you can do because you will probably have the costume clothes in your closet! Simply throw on one of your nicest suits and wear a plain t shirt underneath!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which of these 80s Halloween costume ideas that you choose to use...simply choose the one that suits your taste, style, and personality the best!