Halloween is the perfect time to get together with a bunch of friends and throw a Halloween party.

But you're gonna need some music.

Not just any tunes will do, mind you, you're going to need the best of the best.  

Seeing as I love all things music, I decided you deserved my top picks for fall festivities of the haunting kind.

Check it out!

Top Ten Halloween Party Songs

1- Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.
2- Thriller by Michael Jackson (Also perhaps one of the best music videos ever made. It's almost as good as a short film as it has scary make-up, great zombie costumes and a fantastic story.)
3- Black Magic Woman by Santana
4- Oogie Boogie’s Song from Nightmare Before Christmas
5- Witchy Woman by The Eagles
6- Witch Queen of New Orleans by Redbone
7- My Immortal by Evanescence
8- Frankenstein by The Edgar Winter Group
9- The Devil Went Down To Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band
10- Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by The Eurythmics

More Top Halloween Party Songs #11-50

11- Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett
12- Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper
13- I Put A Spell On You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
14- Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix
15- Halloween Blues by Clarence Brewer
16- Vampire Bitin’ Blues by John Vosel and The Boogie Monsters
17- Welcome To My Nightmare by Alice Cooper
18- Love Potion Number 9 by The Searchers or The Clovers
19- Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
20- Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

21- Lil’ Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs
22- In The Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett

Halloween Party Pirate Costume23- Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie
24- Hotel California by The Eagles
25- Superstition by Stevie Wonder
26- Werewolves Of London by Warren Zevon
27- Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell
28- Witchcraft by Elvis Presley (Very different from the Frank Sinatra version.)
29- Spooky by The Classics IV or The Atlanta Rhythm Section
30- I’m Your Boogie Man by KC and The Sunshine Band

31- I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow
32- Season Of The Witch by Donovan or Luna
33- Witch Doctor by David Seville or Sha Na Na
34- Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones
35- Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley
36- Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus
37- Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo
38- Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band
39- Super Freak by Rick James
40- Hell by Squirrel Nut Zippers

41- Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann (Theme from Lost Boys)
42- Halloween Theme by John Carpenter (I bet the sales of those white masks went through the roof after this creepy film came out.)
43- Excorcist Theme / Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield
44- Twilight Zone by Golden Earring (If you’re ever up at 2 a.m. and this song comes on the radio, you’ll get goosebumps.)
45- Bark At The Moon by Ozzy Osbourne
46- Dragula by Rob Zombie
47- Highway To Hell by AC/DC
48- Psycho Killer by Talking Heads
RealtyTrac49- Bad Things (Theme from True Blood) by Jace Everett (The perfect TV theme song for a scary show.)
50- Science Fiction / Double Feature by Richard O’Brien (This one is from The Rocky Horror Picture Show film which can be an awesome resource for coming up with a Halloween costume.)

More Top Halloween Party Songs #51-85

51- He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) by Alice Cooper (The song is about Jason Vorhees from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI.)
52- Love Song For A Vampire by Annie Lennox (I can already see a bunch of people in scary costumes slow dancing to this song at the end of the night.)
53- Haunted House by Jumpin’ Gene Simmons
54- Harvest Moon by Blue Oyster Cult (Not one of their better known songs, but great none the less. It’s about Summer turning into Fall and some very bad land.)
55- Mouth (The Stingray Mix) by Bush (This song was on the An American Werewolf In Paris soundtrack from 1997.)
56- Surfin’ Dead by The Cramps (This song was used in the Return of the Living Dead movie from 1985.)
57- Forsaken by David Draiman (Used in the Queen of the Damned movie from 2002. This is a great song about vampires.)
58- The Garden Of Allah by Don Henley
59- Self Control by Laura Branigan
60- Over At The Frankenstein Place by Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, and Richard O'Brien (Another one from Rocky Horror Picture Show. What a great movie and great music all the way through.)

61- Red Right Hand from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Heard in the movie Scream from 1996.)
62- Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne (This song is about Aleister Crowley, an influential occultist and magician from the late 1800's and early 1900’s.)
63- Disturbia by Rihanna
64- Feast Of The Mau Mau by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (This song is so strange and weird that it’s good.)
65- Need To Destroy by Thc (Heard this song in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer tv show Season 4, Episode: Wild At Heart. It was sung by an unchanged werewolf in the show.)
66- The Legend Of Wooley Swamp by Charlie Daniels
67- Sittin’ Up With The Dead by Ray Stevens (A really funny song and even funnier video.)
68- Hell’s Bells by AC/DC
69- O’ Death by Jen Titus (Appeared in the tv show Supernatural Season 5, Episode: Two Minutes To Midnight. This is a great version of a very old song.)
70- Marie Lavaux by Bobby Bare

71- Call Of The Zombie by Rob Zombie (A very short, creepy, and catchy rhyme, but would be great in front of a Rob Zombie song.)
72- King Tut by Steve Martin
73- The Boogie Monster by Gnarls Barkley
74- Lil’ Devil by The Cult
75- Time Warp by the cast from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (A lot of different people sang in this movie song. Each one added something so special to the song that I couldn’t just put down a few people.)
76- The Addams Family Main Theme by Victor Mizzy
77- My Wife and My Dead Wife by Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
78- Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys (You get the right woman in this costume with this song playing and she'll garner a lot of attention.)
79- This Is Halloween by Marilyn Manson
80- Voodoo by Godsmack (I heard this song first watching MTV’s Fear. I liked the song and the show.)

Wednesday Addams Costume

81- House Of 1000 Corpses by Rob Zombie
82- Enter Sandman by Metallica
83- Wicked Annabella by The Kinks
84- Dracula’s Lament by Jason Segel (I heard this song in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall and instantly loved it. It's going to be on my Halloween music list for a long time.)
85- Swamp Witch by Jim Stafford

Bonus Halloween Party Music

86- Spiderwebs by No Doubt
87- Freaks Come Out At Night
 by Whodini
88- (Ghost) Riders In The Sky 
by Johnny Cash
89- Dream Warriors
 by Dokken
90- Devil Inside
 by INXS
91- The Shadow Knows
 by The Coasters
92- Ghost Town
 by The Specials
93- The Blob
 by The Five Blobs
94- Tales From the Crypt Theme
 by Danny Elfman
95- 3 a.m.
 by Eminem

96- Hoodoo by Al Reed
97- Paint It, Black
 by The Rolling Stones
98- Heads Will Roll
 by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
99- Zombie
 by Natalia Kills
100- Doin’ The Zombie
 by Chubby Checker
101- She’s My Witch
 by Kip Tyler
102- Clap For The Wolfman
 by The Guess Who (After hearing this song, I decided to hold a werewolf costume contest at my next party.)
103- People Are Strange
 by The Doors or Echo & The Bunnymen (as heard on the Lost Boys film)
104- Dinner With Drac Pt. 1
 by John Zacherle
105- Headless Horseman
 by Kay Starr

106- Planet Claire by The B-52s
107- After Dark
 by Tito & Tarantuala (You know this one from the action horror movie From Dusk Till Dawn.)
108- Zombie Jamboree
 by Rockapella
109- The Vampires
 by Archie King
110- Evil Woman
 by Electric Light Orchestra
111- A Nightmare on My Street
 by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

That's the list as exhaustively as I can put it together.  I'm sure there are more, but these are the best.  Make sure your next Halloween party has all the right songs.  

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