These luau party ideas will help you plan any luau themed party, be it graduation, wedding anniversary, birthday2 luau party ideas ukulele and grass skirt party or anything in between.

1) For a memorable welcome to your Hawaiian party greet your guest with a necklace of flowers, known as a lei, and a friendly aloha. You could incorporate this into your invitations, sending out leis with notes attached.

2) Most luau party ideas go hand in hand with a beach party theme. This is easily done if you are near a beach or have a pool. If not use a child's paddling pool surrounded by palm trees to create a fun faux Waikiki Beach effect.

3) Their may not be a Hawaiian party supplies store near you but luau theme party decorations still shouldn't be hard to come by with a bit of imagination. Beach balls, palm trees, surf boards, orchids and paper lanterns will all add to the Hawaiian experience. Remember to decorate both the inside and outside of your home.

4) For a more traditional luau party serve Hawaiian mainstays such as poi, puaa (a whole pig) wrapped in banana leaves and tropical fruits.

5) One of the best luau party ideas that you can incorporate is to have a dress code. Men in colorful Hawaiian shirts and women wearing grass skirts and flowers in their hair. Not only will this help set the theme for the night but nothing says party like a bright multi-colored shirt.

6) Learn to play a few traditional songs on the ukulele. This may sound difficult but if you already play guitar this isn't out the question. If not ask someone you know who is more musically minded to have a go.

7) A hula hoop, limbo and hula dance competition is another luau party idea that would be a lot of fun, especially after the drink has been flowing. Gather everyone in the garden and offer rewards to the best dancer and the people who can hula for the longest amount of time and the most hoops. Offer a lift to the hospital the the person who can limbo the lowest.

8) Make your night memorable (or completely forgettable depending how much you drink) by creating a tropical punch. Rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice and lime juice makes a strong and sweet cocktail that can be as tame or as lethal as you want depending on how much alcohol you put in it.