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Because clutter can make a bedroom appear messy and unorganized, it's important to look for practical storage solutions for the bedroom. Organizers and storage containers are often expensive, which is why people often procrastinate organizing their bedroom. Fortunately, there are numerous cost-effective ways to create storage solutions for the bedroom.

1. Coffee tables make great bedroom storage solutions. Place a rectangle, wooden coffee table at the foot of the bed. Place cushions on the table and use it as a bed bench. Position square baskets or organizers under the bench and use them for storage. Use the baskets to store books, socks or other small items.

2. Use paper towel holders as storage solutions. Install a paper towel on the wall above the vanity or dresser. Use the paper towel holder to organize your necklaces and bracelets.

3. Large, rectangular storage containers provide storage solutions for the bedroom. Store your out-of-season clothes in the storage boxes. Slide the boxes under the bed and out of the way. Use large, plastic storage containers to store decorations or linens.

4. Turn hat boxes into bedroom storage solutions. Besides providing storage, hat boxes are decorative and can add color to any room. Use the hat boxes to store scarves, gloves or sentimental items. Hat boxes are good storage solutions for the closet as well.

Additional Bedroom Storage Solutions

  • Install shelves on the wall for additional storage.
  • Purchase nightstands with drawers. Use the space under the nightstand to store decorative boxes, baskets or organizers.
  • Vintage suitcases not only provide storage solutions, but they are also attractive and can enhance your room's decor. Stack a few suitcases by a wall and hang a picture above them to create a presentation.
  • Hang a plastic shoe organizer on the door to create storage solutions. Store scarves, belts, brushes, jewelry or other small items in the compartments.

It's possible to find cost-effective storage solutions for the bedroom. You can often use items you already have at home such a coffee table, baskets, storage containers and hatboxes. Why not look around your home and look for items that you can turn into inexpensive bedroom storage solutions.

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