Board game night is usually a euphemism for sitting indian-style around the floor, eating chips straight out of the bag and sadly realizing that a game of Monopoly can last for hours. The thrill of buying Park Place quickly wears off and collecting $200 for passing Go is not as exciting after you have done it for the hundredth time. The only excitement does not have to come from landing on Chance when you alter the rules to make the classic board game into a drinking game. Follow this guide to transform Monopoly and other games from child's play to adult fun.

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The Monopoly Drinking Game

Set the game up as normal but play with a twist. Players that land on a property and wish to buy it from the bank must pay the listed price and take as many shots of beer as the first digit of the property's cost. Houses cost money plus one shot. If a player lands on a property owned by someone else, he must pay rent and take one drink for every house. Players that land on railroads must take one shot of beer if the owner has one railroad, two shots if two railroads are owned, three shots if three are owned and four shots if all four railroads are owned by the same person. If a player goes to jail, a waterfall begins on the left and moves around the circle clockwise. Everyone drinks if a player lands on Free Parking.

Drunken Jenga

Write instructions on each block before setting up the game. Players must complete the action written on the block they draw. Blocks may instruct players to give or take drinks, start waterfalls or even remove an article of clothing.

The Operation Drinking Game

Real doctors cannot drink on the job but you can when you play this fun game with friends. The rules of the game are the same but payment is made with drinks instead of money. For instance, if you remove the silly bone for $300, pass out three drinks to other players instead of collecting the cash. Good luck staying coordinated enough to get that bread basket.

Silly Scrabble

This classic word game is no longer just for bookworms. Challenge your friends to only spell out words that have to do with drinking. Players that use a double or triple word score square can dole out drinks to other players and the cost of taking a letter from the bag is one shot of beer.

Black-Out Battleship

This drinking game is war. Player one must guess the location of player two's ship. If they guess incorrectly, they must drink. If the guess is correct, player two must drink. When you sink a ship, the other player must finish their drink.

Candy Land for Adults

Candy Land is no longer only for six-year old girls. Gather three friends and draw a card from the pile. If the card is the same color as your piece, you must drink. Drink double if you draw a double color card. Players must also drink every time they pass their color squares on the board.

The Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game

Whenever you climb a ladder, count the number of spaces you move up and over. Dole out the same number of shots of beer to your opponents. When you go down, you must take one drink for each space. If the spinner lands on the line between two numbers, you must spin again and take the number of shots that is shown. Do not attempt to climb any ladders after playing.

Champion Checkers for Drinkers

Checkers may be the most boring game on this list, but adding alcohol instantly makes it more fun. Most sets of checkers are without one or two pieces and players resort to using a penny or button in their place. In this version of the game, all pieces are replaced with something much more potent and much more interesting. Use shot glasses filled with beer in place of the little plastic discs. To avoid confusion, use two differently colored beers or shot glasses to differentiate between players. Game rules are the same as always, but players don't lose pieces. Instead, they must drink the shots that are captured by other players. If you are kinged, double the shot. If you are playing with hard liquor, use half-shots so you at least have some chance of finishing the game.

Shot Glass Checkers